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Les Riley: Chief Executive Officer, Variety QLD

Les Riley

Les first became associated with Variety Queensland in 1996 when, as Managing Director of Channel Seven, Les arranged for Channel Seven Brisbane and Channel Seven Queensland to take on the television sponsorship of Variety and in particular, the production of the 4WD Explorer event and the Variety Bash.

Upon leaving Channel Seven in 2001, Les joined the Board becoming Treasurer as well as instigating and becoming Chairman of the Variety Executive Golf Series event. He also participated on the Ball Committee and the Splash Committee. In 2003 he resigned from the Board following his appointment as CEO. During this time he effected the move to Brisbane, brought Network Ten on board following Seven's departure, initiated a Queensland-wide radio deal worth $150,000 in free advertising. He also renewed the XXXX sponsorship arrangement as well as introducing many corporate contacts into VQ. In 2004 he resigned as CEO to take up a long-term consultancy with Macquarie Media. He was immediately elected back onto the Board and until 1st December 2008 when he stepped down from that role and commenced as CEO.

"I believe it is imperative that the Board and Management work together in the quest to improve the lives of the Special Children of Queensland and I hope to continue to play a role within a group of people who share this belief and actively embrace and recognize the contributions made by 'bashers', 'explorers', 'splashers', 'jet-trekkers', and all those who work at the grass roots to make events and functions successful. I am looking also at ways of expanding our income streams and thereby help the ever increasing number of children in need".

Contact: Les@varietyqld.org.au

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