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Variety Freedom program

Giving children the freedom to move.

Freedom ProgramThe Variety Freedom program provides funding for mobility equipment for individual children such as wheelchairs, walking frames and customised tricycles, enabling children to get out and about.  

Under this unique program, we also donate Liberty Swings to communities so children in wheelchairs or with various physical impairments can feel the joy of swinging — a simple pleasure that other children can often take for granted.

Variety Tasmania also puts Sunshine Coaches on the road, taking kids with physical disability, regional or social disadvantage out into the community to experience a range of programs and activities.

We are currently working on a series of short films about some of the children that have capture our hearts and minds. This all Tasmanian project provides a snapshot into the lives of some extraordinary local children and how Variety has enhanced their lives. Here is Sam's Story. 


Freedom Program Enquiry

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