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Donate your hair

Make the chop and send it in. Don’t forget to check out the guidelines below and our FAQs.

Wigs for kids

Your hair will be made into wigs for kids! Money raised through Hair with Heart will go towards providing equipment and services to children in need.


There are a couple of do’s and dont’s to donating your hair. For the further details please take a look at the FAQS

Hair must be 35cms long

Hair can’t have permanent or semi-permanent hair dye in it

Tied in multiple pony tails

Hair cannot be mostly grey or dreadlocks. A couple of stands of grey is ok though.

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Find a Hairdresser

Any hairdresser can do the cut, simply tell them you want to donate your hair and follow the instructions below.

Clean and Dry

The hair needs to be clean and dry to ensure it doesn’t deteriorate on its way to us.

Tied in a Ponytail

Tie the hair in multiple ponytails and secure with elastic bands

Secure with elastic bands

Secure with evenly spaced elastic bands down the length of the pony tail

The Big Chop

Cut the hair above the top elastic band

Mail it

Place the hair into a plastic bag along with the Hair Donation Form (so we know who the hair is from) and mail it to Variety – the Children’s Charity , Locked Bag 2468 St Leonards NSW 1590

Share your story and new do

Be proud of your amazing efforts to help Aussie kids in need. Share your story (and before and after photos) here and with your friends and family.

Donations of hair are made into wigs for kids who have lost their hair. One specialised can wig cost up to $6,000 and lasts two to three years so the cost is prohibitive for many families. Variety raises funds through the sale of the hair which is then used to provide equipment and services children in need so your hair helps in more ways than one.

Your story is important to us! Tell us how you found out about the program, what made you want to do what you have done for Aussie kids and share your before and after pics!

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