Donations of hair are made into specialised wigs for those who have lost their hair due to a medical condition such as alopecia or cancer. Variety raises funds through the sale of the hair which is then used to provide equipment and services children in need so your hair can help in more ways than one!


There are a couple of do’s and don’ts to donating your hair, as shown below.

How to donate your hair

1. Check Guidelines

Before you chop check that your hair will be useable

2. Start your fundraising page

Give your friends and family the chance to support your efforts. Encouraged, not compulsory.

3. Set a date & find a hairdresser

Any hairdresser is able to make the cut

4. The Big Chop Day

Bring along the guidelines to ensure your hair is cut correctly. Be sure to get a before and after photo.

5. Complete form and post hair

Click below to download your Hair Donation form. Print it off and mail it in with your hair

6. Share your Story

#HairwithHeart, livestream on social media, share your story page

Share Your Story

Your story is important to us! Tell us how you found out about the program, what made you want to do what you have done for Aussie kids and share your before and after pics!

Program History

In 2007, after their daughter Charlotte was diagnosed with alopecia areata, Matthew and Rebecca Adamson established the Princess Charlotte Alopecia Foundation to raise awareness of the condition and funds to supply quality, human hair wigs to people with Alopecia.

In 2013, the foundation became part of the Variety family, becoming the Princess Charlotte Alopecia Program. Building on the amazing work of Matthew, Rebecca and their volunteers, the program has continued to grow – granting wigs to children with Alopecia and accepting hair donations to make into wigs for those whose hair loss is due to a medical condition.

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