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Liberty Swings

Liberty Swings

Remember how much fun you had as a child visiting the local playground? The exhilaration of playing on a swing is something that most children enjoy, and nearly all take for granted. For those in a wheelchair however, the simple pleasure of swinging through the air was never an option until the Wheelchair Swing was invented.

The Liberty Swing is a revolutionary design in play equipment for people with disabilities which allow children in wheelchairs the opportunity to enjoy the fun and recreation of swinging.
Variety champions this wonderful invention and aims to get these swings into as many communities and special needs schools as possible.

Liberty Swings

A Liberty Swing costs over $20,000 with installation costs at $12,000 to $15,000 and Variety has provided over 185 swings to special needs children and their communities. Anyone who’s seen a child experience a ride on a Variety Liberty Swing can tell you how fantastic it is to be able to see the joy brought to the lives of the children who receive it.

Many of the swings commissioned so far have gone into rural areas, reflecting our commitment to support children from all parts of Australia. 

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