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Variety 4WD Trek 2016












If you have always wanted to take your 4WD off road and travel to some of Australia’s most beautiful and out-of-the-way places then join the Variety 4WD Trek and you won’t go alone. 

The 4WD Variety Trek travels to some of the most remote areas in Australia, where you'll be able to experience a great adventure and raise much needed funds for Victorian children who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs so that they can live laugh and learn. 

The Trek (as it's most commonly known) is all about travelling to remote areas, meeting new people and experiencing the outback whilst being supported by an experienced team of staff and officials. Radio communications, mobile workshop and a scout to check the tracks, are all there to ensure that you are safe.  But most importantly they are there to make sure you have fun! 

Where does the money raised from the 4WD Trek go?
Variety - the Children’s Charity Victoria is dedicated to empowering children who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs to live, laugh and learn. We achieve this through the provision of equipment, facilities and life experiences and by operating a straightforward and transparent grants program which draws on the funds raised through our events, sponsorships and donations.

Conditions of Entry
All entries into the Variety 4WD Trek must observe and agree to our conditions of entry which can be found in the Entrants Information Pack provided upon request.  

Registrations are not transferable. The person/s or corporation whom obtains the registration is the Entrant. The registration is not attached to a vehicle. Registrations each year will be invited and accepted at the absolute discretion of Variety. The number of spaces available for each event may be limited. Generally, registration for an event is, in the first instance, offered to participants in the previous event.

Entry Fee
Entrants who do not pay each instalment of the entry fee by the due date could automatically forfeit their position and any part of their entry fee which has already been paid to Variety.

The most common way to raise money is through fundraising events (such as dinners, trivia nights, golf days etc.), approaches to sponsors/supporters and the Variety Raffle (organised by the Variety Office). Other ideas are included in the Variety 4WD Trek Entrants Information Pack available after registration is received.

If we still haven’t answered all of your questions, please contact us

For more information contact motoringevents@varietyvic.org.au


Statement of Acknowledgement

We acknowledge and respect the traditional custodians whose ancestral lands we are travelling on.  We acknowledge the deep feelings of attachment and relationship of Aboriginal people to country.  We also pay respects to the cultural authority of Aboriginal people who may be undertaking or assisting in the event from other areas of Australia.

*2016 4WD Trek Entry Fee is $660 inc GST plus minimum fundraising of $3000.  A provisions levy will be advised and a list of recommended accommodation choices will be available once the entry fee is received. Further details will be provided upon EOI submission. Event location is subject to change.  

4WD Trek Enquiry

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