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The 4WD Variety Trek travels to some of the most remote areas in Australia, where you'll be able to experience a great adventure and raise much needed funds for Victorian children who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs in order to help them reach their full potential.

The route in 2017 takes in some truly special landscapes on both red and white sand as we visit South Australia. The Eyre Peninsula, Googs Track and Barossa Valley are just some of the highlights! 


Day 1 27 April 2017 Portland - Beachport
Day 2 28 April 2017 Beachport - Robe
Day 3 29 April 2017 Robe - Morgan
Day 4 30 April 2017 Morgan - Port Lincoln
Day 5 1 May 2017 Port Lincoln - Elliston
Day 6 2 May 2017 Elliston - Googs Lake
Day 7 3 May 2017 Googs Lake - Kingoonya
Day 8 4 May 2017 Kingoonya - Mt. Ive
Day 9 5 May 2017 Mt. Ive - Tanunda/Barossa
Day 10 6 May 2017 Barossa Valley



Is the trek for me?

The Trek (as it's most commonly known) is all about travelling to remote areas, meeting new people and experiencing the outback. It caters for both experienced and veteran 4WD-ers alike. If you think you would enjoy 10 days of adventure, exploring Australia's great outdoors with other like-minded people, then this is the event for you!  

Our Support is Second to None!

The Variety 4WD Trek is supported by an experienced team of staff and officials, boasting over 70 years of experience. Radio communications run between each car - so you always know what's going on, mechanical assistance is there in case you have any troubles, and a scout checks the tracks ahead to ensure you know about any unexpected conditions. Variety also run a number of fundraising opportunities throughout the year to help you fundraise for your car - such as corner collections and auctions at our corporate events.

We hope to see you on (and off) the road in 2017!

Statement of Acknowledgement

We acknowledge and respect the traditional custodians whose ancestral lands we are travelling on.  We acknowledge the deep feelings of attachment and relationship of Aboriginal people to country.  We also pay respects to the cultural authority of Aboriginal people who may be undertaking or assisting in the event from other areas of Australia.

4WD Trek Enquiry

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