20 Sep 2019
- 22 Sep 2019
Watt St, Newcastle NSW 2303, Australia


20, 21 & 22 September

Newcastle – Krambach – North Haven – Newcastle


 The Mini Bash is an overnight event styled on our major fundraiser the Bash! The main difference being that you don’t have to have a “Bash Car,” you can bring along any vehicle you desire – the family sedan, the work ute, your 4WD, or whatever takes your fancy. All will negotiate the set course if driven to the prevailing conditions. However, please keep in mind there will be unsealed (gravel & dirt) roads included on this event. So probably the lowered sports car or the pride and joy that’s forever being polished in the shed might not be the best choice. Whatever vehicle you choose to take on the event must have a working UHF transceiver tuned to channel 20 (supplied by you) and display our advertising panels (supplied by us).

This event is designed to provide a taste of what the notorious Variety NSW Bash is like. So, if you are contemplating doing the Bash in the future but are not sure what to expect this could be the event for you.

On this event, as with the Bash, all vehicles must be roadworthy and carry current registration and insurance. The drivers must possess a current motor vehicle driver’s license. Please understand that this event is not a race or a contest of speed of any kind, there are no prizes for being the first one in town. Also, on this or any other Variety event we are not exempt from the law – we must comply with the state traffic regulations i.e., wear your seat belt, keep to the speed limit and be under .05. Please be courteous to other road users. We don’t have exclusive rights to the roads chosen for this event, we must share the roads with everyone.

This event now in its tenth year was started as a thank you to North Haven Bowling Club for helping the Bash with meals in 2009 after a storm closed all roads from Nowendoc to the coast, the club kept their kitchen open until after midnight to ensure our weary travellers were fed and watered after this exceptionally long day of Bashing. Since this first event we have had requests from many to keep it on the annual calendar.

With the generosity and sponsorship of Customs House Hotel, we have been able to make this an annual fundraiser for Variety the Children’s Charity NSW.

The Variety NSW Mini Bash has raised over $50,000 to help to expand our support programs for many kids and their families in need and you as a group can be proud of these achievements.

Any questions we’re here to help

For all your Bash Car enquiries contact Victor Sheil, Regional Motoring Events Manager by email [email protected] or call 02 4965 4911 or his mobile 0410 692 262

Reach out to Janet Kilazoglou, Regional Motoring Events Coordinator in the office on 02 4965 4911, mobile 0403 255 767 or flick her email [email protected]


Friday 20 September 2019:

Meet and greet for a bite to eat and a few drinks and tidy up the final paperwork and payments from 6pm.

Saturday 21 September 2019:

From 7.30am we meet at Customs House Hotel, Watt St Newcastle for breakfast. Around 9.00am we’ll head off and make our way north to the village of Krambach and the Commercial Hotel for lunch.

After lunch, we wind our way further north through the hills to our overnight destination of North Haven where Chef Brendon at the Oasis By The Sea restaurant will be providing a fabulous evening meal.

Sunday 22 September 2019:

Breakfast will be back at Oasis By The Sea before we make the journey back to Customs House Hotel for our finish lunch.


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