Meet Marg, President of the Ladies of Variety

January 28, 2020 by nswadmin

Marg has been volunteering for Variety for over 35 years and is now the president of the Ladies of Variety (LoV).

The LoV was established in 1980 by Gill Mapp (wife of the then Chief Barker Grahame Mapp) as a hands-on committee to organise outings and entertainment for kids with special needs, chronic illness or financial disadvantage.

“The original LoV group of 17 women, started by organising a party and personal development programme called Pampering Kids. The activities rapidly increased as enthusiasm mounted to include pony picnics, ice skating, visits to ballet, movies and zoo, Christmas parties and many more. Through sponsorships, donations and LoV personal donations, outings cost little or nothing, and for children and carers, all were and are still, free of cost”.

“I love making a positive difference to children’s lives. I love to see their smiles, or be told by carers that we have made a difference and a child has reacted in a positive way maybe for the first time ever. I love to give a child something special be it a walk in the park, a train ride, bike, garish nail colours, a one:one chat and joke, be a listener, Christmas presents, and so much more; each a unique and simple experience to enrich the life of someone special”.

When asked about what she enjoys the most by volunteering for Ladies of Variety, Marg said “I have met some remarkable children coping or battling with challenges life has thrown at them, and outstanding carers/parents. I have been fortunate to establish some exceptional long term relationships with supporters of LoV in the corporate world, both small and large companies, and many individuals. Although LoV is no longer specifically just for a group of friends, friendships have developed and strengthened over many years. They are a major part of the success of this remarkable group of women. There is a range of backgrounds, wealth of knowledge and experience among the group”.

Marg would definitely recommend joining the Ladies of Variety to help more kids in need “LoV offers women the opportunity to be involved in a variety of activities with  children. Support, organise, join in, have fun with kids and like-minded women. We all have strengths and weaknesses but together we make a formidable team, and can make a difference bringing joy to children experiencing tough times. Come to a meeting and hear what we do… You’ll learn what a valuable contribution you too can make and how much fun you can have yourself in doing so!”.

At Variety we believe all kids deserve a fair go in life. For Marg this means giving all kids the opportunity to participate and enjoy all things belonging to a child’s life, to enable them to enjoy to the best of their ability without sense of failure, discrimination or criticism.

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