Ashlyn's Story

Variety Heart Scholarship recipient Ashlyn has an artistic eye and a passion for painting. It’s a way for her to unwind and lose herself in the medium, creating images of intense meaning and beauty.

“When I’m not at school I like to do art or something creative. I have recently been doing a term on portraits at Da Vinci Art Studio, which is pretty awesome – so far I have drawn myself, a couple of my friends and I am planning on drawing my Nan. I have also joined an Art Enrichment Program at my High School.” said Ashlyn

Many teenagers are drawn to art, Ashlyn’s choice of the medium is unique. ”I have reduced vision due to Congenital Nystagmus (fine oscillating movements of the eyes). This is a permanent condition, which affects my reading and viewing through the oscillating movements of my eyes, which I can’t control. My Nystagmus make me feel insecure – yet art makes me feel confident and through art and the people that teach me, I have learned patience as well as growing confidence.”

In 2018 and 2019, Ashlyn received a Variety Heart Scholarship in The Arts for visual art.

The Scholarship was awarded to cover costs incurred for Lessons, Tuition, Supplies and the Resources Ashlyn needs to build her skills. This year she is focusing on abstract and realism, an unlikely combination.

“Artmaking has proven to be a great outlet for Ashlyn, she originally started lessons because I noticed that when Ashlyn made art she relaxed and was happy. Since she has started formal art classes, her skill level and confidence have developed as well as allowing a creative outlet for her feelings.” says proud grandmother Julie.