Kiki's Story

Variety Heart Scholarship recipient Kiki, 13, knows what she wants in life – to act.

“I love acting. That’s it. That’s what I want to do with my life. I want to act, be on Broadway. I know I have to study as well as I need a backup plan, but acting is my life, and I am trying to be good academically as well as acting.”

Kiki is currently attending Wollongong High School of the Performing Arts studying drama, working hard to perfect her talents to make that dream a reality. A very busy young lady, Wednesday is her only free night without acting classes or rehearsals. Kiki credits her teachers for helping her hone her skills.

“Emily from Kiama Actor’s Studio has been amazing. I look at videos of me from last year to where I am today, and I can see the change. I listen to everything she tells me and try and learn from her instructions and advice. My mum has also helped me, not just in acting, but in talking to people and understanding things and giving me options, and also for driving me to all my acting classes.”

Despite how busy Kiki is she still makes time to give back making care packages that she distributes to the homeless when she comes to Sydney and even enlisting the local Men’s Shed to build a street library.

In 2018 Kiki received a Variety Heart Scholarship in The Arts for acting.

The Scholarship was awarded to cover costs incurred for lessons, tuition, and accommodation.