Phoenix's Story

Not everyone enjoys the sound of a recorder but Variety Heart Scholarship recipient Phoenix, 11, is taking his recorder to the Sydney Opera House.

“Music is his special place and he is quite phenomenal reading and playing euphonium/bass recorder.” said proud grandmother Delle

Phoenix is passionate about his music, taking every opportunity to perform in his local community, at school events, and in competitions.

“I went to State Recorder Camp and learned how to play better and had a heap of fun. I am going to the Opera House for state band and recorder ensemble for the Festival of Instrumental Music. I performed with Opera Australia in the children’s choir and was selected for the lead children’s role. I perform in a big brass band called The Whopping Big Band. I also performed at the nursing home as Santa.” said Phoenix. “ My music tutor is really great and encourages me to try all sorts of different things and have fun with music. My school music teacher is really good as well and provides lots of opportunity for me”.

Like all 11-year-old boys when Phoenix is not at school or attending band rehearsals he likes “swimming, riding my bike, listening to music and sleeping”. But Phoenix focus is on his dream to be a professional musician and dedicates his time to learn as much about every area of music that he can to enable him to achieve his full potential.

In 2018 Phoenix received a Variety Heart Scholarship in The Arts for music.

The Scholarship was awarded to cover Lessons, Tuition, Courses, Equipment, Registration Costs, and Travel costs associated with pursuing every musical opportunity made available to Phoenix.