Josie's Story

“In a world that is all about technology, to not have a computer at home to use for research and study is almost impossible.”

Raising kids can be hard at the best of times, but for single mum Amanda, money has always been tight. With three girls now in high school, keeping up with the technology requirements for their schooling life was hard.

Having additional learning needs was also placing additional pressure on the family. 14-year-old Josie has Asperger Syndrome, and 12-year-old Sarah is in a special class at high school due to learning difficulties.

The sudden change to home schooling due to the COVID-19 pandemic meant a whole new set of challenges for the family. Without the technology they needed to help them learn from home, the girls risked falling behind in their schooling and being disconnected from their teachers and friends.

“Having the girl’s home during COVID-19 was a challenge to say the least. I work part time and trying to juggle that and being teacher as well was hectic. Having all three girls doing three completely different subjects each day was a nightmare. We had to borrow a laptop and try to navigate the new world of Google Classroom.”

For her daughters to have the best chance possible in their education, Amanda knew they needed their own devices during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In a world that is all about technology, to not have a computer at home to use for research and study is almost impossible. They had to rush to try to finish their work so another one of the girls could use it.”

Amanda recalls regularly seeing collection tins for Variety – the Children’s Charity at her local Woolies, but never thought she would be in the position of needing to ask for support until a friend told her about Variety’s educational grants.

Through Variety’s Tech4Schools grant, a basic laptop package was delivered to the girls to help them continue their studies at home and support their learning when back at school.

The laptops are proving essential for the girls schooling, including doing homework, assignments and studying.

“The laptops have made a world of difference for my girls. With them heading back to school now it makes it so much easier for them to be able to come home and do their homework and research on their own laptop.

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