Variety Livvi’s Place 2021 Design Grant

A Variety Livvi’s Place is an inclusive playspace for kids of all ages and all abilities to play together. The Variety Livvi’s Place Design Grant is our way of helping Councils make that possible in their LGA.

LGA’s across NSW and ACT are encouraged to read the Grant guidelines and to submit an application, with the 2021 Design Grant open from 9 am Monday 19 April to 5 pm Friday 28 May 2021.

Variety is passionate about inclusion and have an unwavering belief that all kids deserve a fair go and that every child has the right to feel they belong. What started as grants for playground equipment, has now grown to supporting the creation of Variety Livvi’s Place inclusive playspaces.

The Variety Livvi’s Place playspaces are leading the way to promote the importance of inclusive play and ensure kids of all abilities can play, learn and live together. We hope your Council will join us in this vision.

Read the 2021 Design Grant Guidelines             Apply for a 2021 Design Grant

If you have any questions about the process please contact our Inclusive Play Team at [email protected] or call to speak to Lisa or Kim on (02) 9819 1000. Should we require more information we will reach out to you directly.

Let’s play!