August 30, 2019 by qldadmin

DAY 2  

St Lawrence to Rockhampton

There was plenty of excitement this morning after surviving the first night of camping and with another 3 schools stops lined up for the day to look forward to. 

With a big day ahead, the Bashers headed out bright and early through the St Lawrence Wetlands and on route to Rockhampton. First up was Marlborough State School, followed by Milman State School where one of our Bashers, Lyn from Car 36 attended. The final school stop of the day was Byfield State School, where the vibrant road-trippers stopped for lunch and had a blast joining in the fun games that the students had prepared and checking out their bikes which the kids had dressed up like Bash cars.

The convoy then cruised through Yeppoon, admiring the stunning coastline and local beaches for a relaxing finish to the day’s driving.

Upon arriving in Rockhampton the Bashers met 2 lovely families facing big challenges and local organisation, Riding for the Disabled, who are striving to make a difference in the Rockhampton community, 

One of the families was that of 8-year-old Izaac. Izaac has cerebral palsy, left hemiplegia, spasticity and dystonia, scoliosis and cortical visual impairment. His primary carer is his grandmother, who lives with significant back pain. As Izaac is growing, one of the biggest challenges in their day-to-day life is transport as he needs to be manually lifted into and out of the car. His wheelchair then needs to be folded and put into the car allowing no room for his siblings. To make life easier for Izaac and his family and enable them to get out and about with much more ease, Car 1111 teamed up with friends at the local Rotary Club to present them with a new vehicle that suits their needs.

In total, the generous Bashers granted over $16,000 worth of equipment tonight to the kids of Rockhampton!

The night wrapped up with the first theme night of the event, winding back the clock to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Bash in Queensland. Graduation caps, outgrown school uniforms and the best of the 80s fashion were among some of the outfits whipped up for “Where were you 30 years ago?”. 

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