August 31, 2019 by qldadmin

DAY 3  

Rockhampton to Springsure

It was a great start to the day with breakfast provided by Rockhampton Special School before hitting the road. The Bashers were even lucky enough to have their own private tours of the school’s sensory rooms.

The first stop of the day was Stanwell State School, which was founded back in 1876 – almost 150 years ago.

Next up, the students of Westwood State School had a blast checking out the crazily themed cars as the Bashers rolled in for lovely morning tea provided by the school. The kids were also excited to have guest judges for their themed up “Bash Bikes” competition!

Catering for 19 students with a range of disabilities including ADHD, anxiety, learning difficulties and several others, Westwood State School were very happy to receive 10 new iPads, worth $4,400, to assist students with their unique learning needs.

After an action packed morning, it was time to get back on the road for a short run into Sprinsure, through Rolleston – a town known for Australia’s last Bushrangers.

To finish off the day Car 95 had plenty of fines to hand out at the evening function. They had  taken their sheriff duties very seriously while they were out on the road, using whatever resources they had available to them to create a makeshift speed radar. Sheriff Brett provided a statement in regards to the driving that was taking place on the road; “I’ve never seen so many cars slow down for a hairdryer” he said.

Dinner was provided by the local Springsure State School P&C Association where Dan and Zoe Ryan from Car 34 presented a crocodile walker to young Josiah on behalf of all the Bashers. Josiah was diagnosed with Down Syndrome before birth and was born 2 months premature. He is mostly non-verbal and communicates through laughs and key word sign. He has hypotonia (low muscle tone) and is not able to walk yet. Josiah’s new crocodile walker will assist and encourage him in reaching his goal for the year, which is to be able to walk with assistance.

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