Day 4 Highlights - Springsure to Taroom

September 1, 2019 by qldadmin

Day 4

Springsure to Taroom

Not only did Springsure State School dazzle the Bashers with dinner last night, they also whipped up a healthy breakfast to start the day.  Springsure State School was one of the first schools to be opened in Queensland and is a focal point of the small community of just 1000 people. Due to their locality, limited resources are available to support kids with special needs, which is why they were so thrilled to be presented with a range of resources worth $2,451 including a Wobble Sensory Stool Set and theTherabee Level 1-13 Speech Pathology Program.

It was a pretty impressive start to the day’s driving, with the landmark Mt Zamia looming over the road. The excitement of the day continued with a tractor pull at Orion, where the local community all gathered to offer some extra encouragement and a bit of competition. The Vikings from Car 350 kicked off the competition with some serious strength, followed by some impressive performances from Car 342 and Car 42. Last up was the locals of Orian who took out the winning spot, proving our Bashers to be no match for them! 

Next up was a quick stop at a Dakota C47 plane crash site for a bit of a rest and a look around. There was plenty of fun with the Mario Brothers from  Car 70 showing some real skill in puppeteering their drinks, while their Phantom opponent from Car 47 ended up wearing the bulk of his.

It wouldn’t be a Bash without a couple of breakdowns. After having some car troubles, the girls from Car 666 took the opportunity to make a fun stop of their own, providing a bit of entertainment and busting out some dance moves while the support vehicles worked on their car. 

Dinner was kindly provided by Taroom State School, a small country school providing education from Prep to Year 10. The students of Taroom face many challenges as a result of their rural location. There are far fewer opportunities available to them and they are also faced with the daunting task of having to leave their local communities to attend boarding school for their final years of school. 

In an effort to provide the best opportunities for their students, Taroom State School has a strong focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), which aligns with the priorities of Education Queensland. In order to help the school keep up with the modern technologies of the world, Gael and Sue from OV 3 presented the school’s students with a LEGO WeDO curriculum pack, which aids educators in delivering key science content, while incorporating activities across engineering, technology and computing.

Plus, if things weren’t already wild enough, the Bashers kicked things up a notch with a Jungle Night theme, where Bashers got a little creative with their “jungle” animals. There were reports of unicorn sightings, purple gorillas and even Eeyore!

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