Day 7 Highlights - Rainbow Beach to Oakey

September 4, 2019 by qldadmin

Day 7

Rainbow Beach to Oakey

Feeling refreshed after the lay day, the Bashers were sad to say farewell to Rainbow Beach, but weren’t ready to depart before leaving a parting gift. Bash Virgins, Peter, Ian and John presented the students of Rainbow Beach State School with a Laser Cutter valued at $5,096! 

The school caters to 5 students with learning impairments including 2 students with speech impairments, 2 students with intellectual impairments and 1 student with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The new laser cutter would provides students with the opportunity to plan, design and create, using a software program that allows their beautiful ideas to be input into a computer and a product to be created from the laser cutter/engraver, addressing the school’s need for a focus on STEM and technology.

Once on the road, the next leg of the journey brought a few challenging tracks to keep everyone on their toes.

There was no shortage of breakdowns and open bonnets heading up the steep hill. Car  4053 – T’Keiler Sunrise, Car 50 – Princess Barbie and Car 4865 – Three Flash Rats (just to name a few) all pulled up to admire the view, and more importantly to fix their cars.

Next up was a quick stop to say g’day to the well-mannered kids at Widgee State School. As the Bashers pulled in, they were greeted with a handshake, a friendly “welcome to Widgee State School” and some delicious morning tea.

The Gympie Muster site provided the perfect venue for the day’s fun stop where Bashers stopped to stretch their legs and play a few games.

Geed Up put on a fantastic show, providing some top notch entertainment for the night. The wacky roadtrippers all had a blast dancing the night away and letting their hair down after a challenging day of driving.

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