June 9, 2017 by qldadmin

Congratulations to our amazing Jet Trekkers and theirs crews, travelling over 600km on the water, in 6 days and raising over $270,000 for Aussie kids in need!

At the beginning of May, after far north Queensland let Australia know it was once again ready for them, we received the message loud and clear, powering into the region with 90 fundraisers on personal watercraft and a cavalry of support crew in tow.

The Yamaha Variety Jet Trek is an adrenaline packed adventure on the water, travelling via some of the most amazing coastline and scenery Australia has to offer. This year’s event was aptly tagged ‘Mission: Whitsundays’ but that was long before the havoc of cyclone Debbie hit the region recently.  Arriving in Mission Beach over the first weekend in May, the riders covered around 100km on the water each day, with a support crew on the road to get them on and off the water, seeing the beauty of the Whitsundays region from the once again crystal waters its known for.

This event is truly unique and for this reason we now have a waiting list to be part of it. Of course, when cyclone Debbie came through it caused extended damage to the local area and our team worked closely with operators and suppliers in the region. To ensure firstly they were all okay and secondly we could still go ahead with the event and support local businesses and the community in the regions we travel to, as this is what they need, not for people to stay away.

These events inject around $100,000 into the local community per night, along with our grant presentations which are integral throughout our journey, supporting local families and organisations, which is why we exist. Our Jet Trekkers are a passionate bunch and since the event’s inception 19 years ago, have raised over $1,250,000, which is an outstanding achievement and has enabled the support of many Queensland kids through our Variety programs.

The riders wrapped up their trek through the region in Airlie Beach on Saturday 6th May. One of the grants of the trip was presented on the final night of the Yamaha Variety Jet Trek, which was providing Sailability Whitsundays with 18 self-inflating life jackets. Sailability Whitsunday provides people with a disability the support and opportunity to develop their interest in sailing thus developing their self-confidence and interpersonal skills through experiential interactions and the simple feeling of freedom that being on the water can provide. This grant will allow them help more members be given the opportunity to experience this.

What a phenomenal effort and an amazing trip had by all!

Thank you to every one of our Jet Trekkers and each and every one of their supporters! You’re commitment to help us empower more Aussie kids is outstanding!

We hope to see you in Sydney for the Yamaha Variety Jet Trek in 2018!

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