September 26, 2022 by Variety QLD Admin

Every year Queensland’s longest-running iconic charity motoring event, the Variety Bash, raises vital funds for kids in need. This year’s event has hit new records and raised an incredible $2.3 million… more than ever raised before on a Queensland Bash!

Thanks to these amazing fundraising efforts the impact for kids who are sick, disadvantaged or living with a disability will be felt now, and into the future. This result will sustain the mission to support kids in need over the next twelve months.

Bashers travelled from Winton to Yeppoon and experienced the historic Birdsville Races. There were school stops along the way where Bashers got to meet some of the kids they were directly helping through their fundraising. It was also great to see the impact of this support direct to the communities that we passed through. Lifelong friendships were made throughout the event  bolstered by nightly entertainment, fun stops, dress ups and other surprises along the way.

Travelling through some of the most remote Queensland outback that the Bash has ever been on didn’t come without it’s challenges. They faced rainy and muddy days which led to route changes, extra days in the smallest of towns and stories that will last a lifetime. But participants and crew dug deep and enjoyed all that this adventure had to offer, with the Variety ‘family’ mantra shining through, supporting each other through it all.

It was an adventure of a lifetime and all for this for the kids. All their hard work fundraising paid off in the end. The $2.3 million raised will have a life-changing impact for many kids and families across Queensland for years to come.

The Variety Bash will be hitting the road again in 2023! Join us for the ultimate road trip from Toowoomba to Cairns via NQ’s Rock’n Country. Register before September 30th for 50% off.


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