Variety Heart Lottery 0005 win comes just in time for a Vegas wedding

Congratulations to Variety Heart Lottery 0005 grand prize winners Wayne Lawson and Janitta Weis!

The winning ticket was sold by their close friends from high-school, Lauretta Shaw and Darren Knight, who are taking part in the upcoming Variety 4WD Adventure in June. Wayne and Janitta were eager to support their friends in helping kids in need and felt strongly that the Variety Family is a “really good, tight-knit community”.

The win comes at a perfect time for the pair, who are jetting off on an overseas adventure to get married after a 6-year engagement. When asked how they would spend the prize, Janitta was quick to answer “on our overseas trip and marriage in Vegas” – complete with an Elvis of course!

Lauretta and Darren, who also sold the winning bonus prize ticket in both this draw and Lottery 0004 were excited by the impact their luck was having on helping to raise more funds. “How often do you hear about someone you know winning?” Lauretta said, “It was a big seller after that”.

Both Lauretta and Darren are passionate about continuing to raise money for kids who might otherwise miss out, after having seen first-hand the impact it has, such as seeing a child smile for the first time after experiencing a liberty swing.

While Lauretta’s dad and Darren are both veteran Bashers, the group are all excited to continue giving kids a fair go with talk of entering a Bash car of their own one day!

Pictured below from left to right: Christine Anderson(Variety), Janitta Weis, Wayne Lawson, Lauretta Shaw, Darren Knight