Car 333: ‘The Hillbillies’

Adam Marinakis, Jason Dowling, Bexley Carman

KI to the Capital, South Australia 2020

Car 333: ‘The Hillbillies’

Theme: The Hillbillies
Car: 1977 Ford LTD
Crew: Adam Marinakis, Jason Dowling, Bexley Carman

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Team Bio

The Hillbillies are looking forward to hitting the road again this year. Bexley wasn’t scared off last year on his maiden voyage and is back again in 2020. The boot has been loaded with Moonshine and Grandma has been secured on the roof! Our flannos and overalls have been packed and we can’t wait to take on the challenges ahead. After having some extra time to prepare, Car 333 is ready to go!

A massive thank you to all our sponsors, family and friends who continue to support the Hillbillies in raising funds for the kids of SA!

Best of luck to all teams and we look forward to seeing you on the road! 

Sponsors we would like to thank:

BioPak, Northland Distributors, Caprice Paper Products, Detpak and Business Initiatives