Andrew Dufty, John Dundon

KI to the Capital, South Australia 2020


Theme: RAMS
Car: 1989 XF Falcon Ute
Crew: Andrew Dufty, John Dundon

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Team Bio

At this stage we’re still locked the Ram paddock so not sure whether we’ll be allowed interstate to join all youse in SA in November on the 2020 Bash. All signed up and ready for our 5th Bash but looks like a bit of foot and mouth might get in the way. Hopefully by the time youse are reading this we’re disease free and at the start line. If still in the Victorian paddock we might be free of OJD in time for 2021 – Otherwise it could be Cops, Hogs and other Vics having a little private Bash in a pub somewhere for a week. Hmmm not so bad…….