Josh Pugh

Board Member

August 2014

Josh Pugh is the Managing Director of Identiti Web Development, and Director at Adelaide Word of Mouth. Identiti Web Development builds websites for businesses and individuals throughout Australia and was started by Josh in 2010. Identiti is also responsible for the development of Variety SA’s Business Directory and is a keen sponsor of Bash Car 123. Adelaide Word of Mouth is an Adelaide business network dedicated to making networking more exciting and less corporate; with Josh being a co-owner since 2011.

Josh became a part of the Variety SA family in 2011, taking part in the SA Variety Bash as Yoshi in Car 123 and has since then completed 3 Bashes; with many more planned in his future. With a background in company and professional development and networking he joined Young Variety SA in August 2014 as Chair. This role allows Josh to become more directly involved in Variety SA and engage a unique younger audience.