Wayne Richards

Individual FTH Award (2015)


Wayne is a typical unsung hero of variety and does ‘what needs to be done’. He served on our board 2010 – 11, however it’s the motoring events that has seen his long term invaluable contribution shine.

His sixteen-year contribution to the bash started as an entrant and was followed by five years as a mobile workshop prior to committing as the bash chair for the 2009 and 2010 events.

Following his chairmanship, he took over the mammoth role of event communications (rad1) for both the SA Variety Bash and Variety 4WD Challenge, a role he still holds today.  He duplicated his skill set onto the 4wd challenge where over nine years he combined entrant, official and then accepted the responsibility of rad 1.

With the creation of the Variety V2 Motorcycle Run, he again volunteered to the rad 1 role for 3 years completing his hand in all motoring events.

Wayne has a meticulous attention to detail and is an enthusiastic and skilled contributor to the continual improvement of our motoring events. This from the heart award is richly deserved.