Variety Heart Scholarships

Variety provides scholarships to children with an existing talent living with disabilities, chronic illness or financial hardship to achieve their full potential and to follow their dreams.

Variety believes all kids should have the chance to follow their dreams and reach their full potential.

Whether it’s a dream to compete at a higher level in sport or wow a crowd on a stage – Variety Heart Scholarships can cover items such as travel, accommodation, equipment, coaching, competition fees and much more.

Applications are currently closed.


Our Existing Talent Scholarship is designed to support children with a demonstrated talent who are living with disability or illness or experiencing disadvantage, to reach the next stage of development in their talent. Scholarships can be for the arts (including visual and performing arts), sport (including esports) and technology (including accessible technology).

Our Educational/Technology Scholarship is designed to support children who are experiencing disadvantage assistance to cover the basic educational needs.

Scholarships are awarded up to the value of $5,000 in the areas of Education, Sports and the Arts for Talent and $1,000 for Education and Technology


Who can apply?

Australian citizens, permanent residents or residents of Victoria, aged 6 to 17 years and able to demonstrate an existing talent with Education, Sport or the Arts.

Please download the guidelines below and refer to our list of Frequently Asked Questions before you apply.

What do the scholarships include?


Up to $5,000  for travel, accommodation, equipment, coaching, competition fees and much more.

Arts scholarships to support talent in

Visual Arts including ceramics, drawing, painting, photography, filmmaking, game design/coding
Performing Arts including dance, music, theatre
Literary Arts including fiction, drama, poetry, prose

Sports scholarships to support talent in

Physical sports including ball sports, athletics, cycling, gymnastics, swimming, martial arts
Other sports including board games, card games, e-sports
Motor sports including cars, bikes, boats
Animal Assisted including equestrian


Up to $1,000 for equipment and educational costs

Technology equipment

Protective cases or bags
Accessories, e.g. keyboard, mouse, stylus

School specific bring your own device requirements can be emailed to [email protected] once obtained.

Accessible Technology Equipment

Accessible technology provides alternative ways for children living with disability to perform functions on digital technology (such as computers or consoles) that might otherwise be difficult or impossible.


Educational Equipment and Costs

Books, stationary and educational goods

All items must be invoiced by the students school, uniform shop, or an educational goods supplier. Reimbursements will not be provided. Up to $1,000 secondary, $500 primary. We do not cover school fees.

Guidelines, Terms and Documentation Required

Click below to download our full guidelines, terms and documentation required to apply for a Variety Heart Scholarship

Download our Guidelines Before Applying 

More Information

If you have any questions the team is here to help. You are always welcome to contact our Kids Support team directly by email or call 03 8698 3900.