Meet Fleur

Fleur is a 3 year old girl who lives with Rett Syndrome and complex communication needs.

A very special piece of equipment

Rett Syndrome is a degenerative condition characterised by a loss of motor skills including losing the ability to hold the body and the loss of hand skills.

Variety – the Children’s Charity Victoria were able to provide Fleur with a very special piece of equipment – the Xpanda chair.

Thank you

“Fleur and I came home from therapy yesterday and checked the mail.  Waiting for us was an amazing surprise which made our day, week, year!”

Thank you so so much for the enormous generosity of Variety for contributing so substantially to the purchase of Fleur supportive chair, the xPanda.

This is going to make a huge difference to Fleur and our family.

We can’t wait to get the chair and replace her baby highchair which provides no support (she’s not a baby, she’s 3.5), as well as use the chair to make sure she’s sitting in the best position in everyday activities around the house.

We’ll be able to raise the chair to the kitchen bench height so she can cook with us, or lower it to the floor and read to her or play with toys.  It will also be perfect for when she’s using the computer and her Tobii eye gaze computer for leisure and communication.  It’s hard to think as hard as Fleur has to to communicate with your eyes when you are trying to control your body at the same time.”  Fleurs’s Mum

With a lot of growth room, the Xpanda chair will serve Fleur for many years to come.