Meet Jasmyn

Variety is proud to support Jasmyn and her family in her journey to independence.

Jasmyn’s mum Daniella says “Jassie’s strength is what gives us strength. She rolls with the punches.”

Jasmyn tends to be restricted to a wheelchair most of the time.

The assistance of a ceiling hoist in her living space will allow her to be more mobile around the house and make sure that she receives the exercise she needs to grow, freeing her to stand up.

The bedroom ceiling hoist will free her caregivers from straining and lifting her up onto a high special-purpose bed.

Jasmyn shows that no matter what difficulties she is faced with, she is able to give it a go.

Her mother describes Jasmyn as someone with “Great inner strength – that blows us all away. It doesn’t matter what disability she may have – Jasmyn’s personality shines through.”