Meet Locky

Locky is a cheeky 6 year old who loves to play with his older brother and little sister.

Locky was born with an intellectual disability and Hypotonic Cerebral Palsy

He is in grade one at his local primary school and – like most kids – hates the early mornings.

Locky has low muscle tone which affects his strength and movement.

He also has severe expressive language delay and developmental dyspraxia.

Riding Develops Abilities (RDA)

One of Locky’s favourite things to do is go horse riding on a Saturday morning with his favourite horse, Jimmy.

Locky is fortunate to participate in the Peninsula Riding Develops Abilities (RDA) group which provides animal therapy to children.

Animal therapy has proven benefits to children, especially those with a disability.

Benefits include: improved coordination, balance, muscular development, fitness, self-esteem, confidence, communication, leadership and a sense of personal control.

Variety is proud to support Locky and his family on his journey.