The story of Maddy and Hank

Variety – the Children’s Charity Tent 77 were thrilled when a staff member arrived with 8 week old Frodo.

Dogs can change the life of people with special needs

A guide dog pup who would become an office companion for all of us over the next twelve months and a crucial life support for a vision impaired person in the future.

Seeing Frodo in training gave us a strong understanding of how dogs can change the life of people with special needs. When we received an application from six year old Maddy for an assistance dog we were thrilled to be able to support her.

And with great excitement and anticipation, ‘Hank’ arrived

On receiving the news that Maddy had received funding her mum wrote:

“I just wanted to express our immense gratitude for your generous contribution towards our daughter’s assistance dog. We were absolutely thrilled to receive your kind letter on Friday thank you for making a life changing difference to our family. It means a great deal to us.”

Since meeting Hank, Maddy has undergone some amazing changes. With his help, Maddy has been encouraged to walk, which greatly improves her muscle tone. She can now walk for longer than 10 minutes, she recognises colours and numbers and is learning important day to day life skills such as visiting the supermarket to buy food with her family. Hank is also easing her anxiety and helping Maddy to control her moods. Walking beside her, Hank provides support, and most importantly is a great comfort and a great friend to young Maddy.

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