Thomas Learns to Shine

Shine on Thomas!

In January 2018 Variety – the Children’s Charity launched the inaugural Variety SHINE Intensive Program. Here’s what one participant’s mum had to say:

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“First and foremost I would like to say how thankful, grateful, and lucky we feel for participating in the Variety Shine Intensive Program in Port Melbourne.

This program that Variety supports, has been one of the most positive experiences Thomas has ever been a part of.

We both felt so welcomed from the moment we walked in the door.

The girls working with Thomas were terrific. Thomas came home every afternoon with a smile from ear to ear beaming about the fun things he did at school during the day. It was so nice for Thomas to remember that school can be filled with fun, laughter, and reward not constant challenges that he can not achieve.

The time that you, Carl and all the other team members took to talk to me was wonderful and completely unexpected. You all listened, heard what I had to say and made suggestions on how I and the rest of his team can help Thomas to achieve in not just his school life but day to day activities, for this opportunity I am truly grateful.

After taking on board everything that Carl, and his team, as well as our team, have seen with Thomas we need to support him in the community, at school, and in our home. We need to implement major changes to the ways we can assist him to communicate and the resources available to him to assist with his education. We have trialled some apps and resources over the holidays that allow Thomas greater independence in his communication.

Thank you again for everything, we truly appreciate all the time and effort that you, Variety, and the whole team at Shine have all put in to give Thomas the opportunity he had earlier this year.”

Angela, Mum