Aussie kids impacted by Variety last year


Different medical conditions were supported


Amazing people fundraising


People have donated their hair

Chop your hair to help Aussie kids.

Your hair is given a second life and made into a wig for someone who has lost their hair due to a long-term medical condition – giving back the gift of confidence and self-esteem.

All the money from the sale of the hair and your fundraising will go towards giving Aussie kids in need a fair go. This could mean purchasing a new wheelchair for a child with a disability or buying school uniforms for kids who are doing it tough.

How It Works


Commit to chopping your hair, set the date and get ready to help give Aussie kids a fair go.

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Your hair will be made into a wig for someone who has lost their hair due to a long-term medical condition.

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Rally the support of friends and family to help you on your Hair with Heart journey, and raise money for Aussie kids in need.

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Money raised will help kids living with disability, chronic illness and disadvantage.

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Your Impact


Arianna has Cerebral Palsy and was granted a standing frame, which has enabled her to get out of her wheelchair, increase her mobility and independence and feel more included at school and at home.


For the first time, Jayden can propel himself around on his feet using the standing frame, thanks to Variety’s supporters, going where he pleases and start to strengthen his legs.


Mia who is autistic and has Asperger’s Syndrome needed the provision of a quiet space, where she can retreat from the world when she feels overwhelmed. It is essential for her health and wellbeing, thanks to Variety’s supporters we were about to fund a cubby house for Mia: a place to call her own.


Casimir, who is a 16 year old Aboriginal young man, has an intellectual disability, ASD, attachment disorder and speech delay. With the help of Variety he received a grant for a new computer to assist him in his school work and artwork.

Decide to make a difference today.

You’ll be giving the gift of a fair go when you fundraise and donate your ponytail to Hair with Heart.

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  • Vidya, VIC
    My name is Vidya and I'm 5 years old. My mum started donating her hair and said, she was doing it so other people who don' t have hair and need it will be very happy. I hope my hair makes someone v...
  • Alex, WA
    I donate my hair every two years when it is long enough (it is very slow-growing!!). This year my son cut it, and daughter photographed it, so it was a family affair!! I've never dyed it or used c...
  • Cara, NSW
    My daughter Cara is 8 years old and wanted to donate her beautiful long hair so we chopped it today! 2.5 years ago my sister had cancer and had to have treatment. Her bravery inspired us every day ...
  • Anita, NSW
    3 years ago I found out a school friend had cancer. She had a beautiful mane of hair and I've alwaysive always thought that's the signature of her look. A year ago she passed and in mourning, I have d...

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