Hair With Heart Stories

We love hearing your stories and seeing photos of your big chop! Share yours here.

  • Haille, ACT
    I wanted to help families and kids by donating my hair which I’ve been growing for a long time.
  • Molly, VIC
    I have wanted to donate for 2 years now, I was going to shave but not BRAVE enough. But I knew I had enough to give and want grow to give again.
  • Sofia, NSW
    I always wanted to donate my hair as soon as it got long enough and I wanted it to cut it for a cause.My mom donated her hair a few years back and I was inspired by her gesture.
  • Natassja, NSW
    I have always had long hair and it was getting too long so I decided to do something with my hair rather then just throw out 20 yrs of growth and I found Variety which inspired me to SHAVE my hair. The thought of giving my hair a second life and bringing happiness to someone else is the best feeling and I can't wait to do it again !
  • Michelle, NSW
    My hair brought me a lot of joy, I hope my hair will be a blessing for someone!
  • Lucy, NSW
    I decided to donate my hair because I know mine will grow back and for others it won’t. To be able to make such a big impact on someone’s life by donating/fundraising and chopping my hair is really a privilege 🙏🏼❤️
  • Ava, VIC
    Just wanted to help someone any way I could.
  • Zaahir, NSW
    Some children cannot grow their hair due to medical conditions or chemotherapy which leads to discrimination and low self-esteem. So donate your hair while you can, you anyway got it for free 😁. We spend half our lives worrying about height, biceps or chest, but these are the only inches that will probably outlive you, so why not ?
  • Chelsi, QLD
    To help other people who have lost their hair. I believe it is important to put others before myself.
  • Mia, TAS
    Mia is 6 years old and has been wanting to cut her hair for a long time. When she heard about being able to donate her hair to those who need it, she was straight onto it.“I want my hair to be short and I want to give it to people that don’t have any hair. I want to make people happy and put a smile on their face".By donating her hair and managing to raise over $2000, Mia has made her family and friends incredibly proud.
  • Amanda, NSW
    My daughter's name is Amanda, she will turn 7 in January. Amanda is smart girl, she is friendly and she loves her family. She asked us why I have very long hair and why some people they don't? She love her hair so much never wanted to be short but her brother Antonio (10) explained to her she can help other people by donate her hair as a Christmas gift...after many days talking to Amanda...she decided to donate here hair with love.
  • Lily, VIC
    A great way to celebrate the end of my primary school life with a new hair do. And at the same time giving someone hope and happiness.
  • Bree, NSW
    I've always wanted to get involved in charity and since my hair was so long and thick, I wanted it to go to someone in need.
  • Charlotte, VIC
    I thought I should donate my hair instead of cutting it off and putting it in the bin, and when I heard the sad stories about the people that have lost their hair because of cancer and things like that I wanted to donate my hair even more. So I am!
  • Lily, NSW
    At the age of 6 Lily began to comtemplate having her first big hair cut. After seeing a girl at school cut and donate her hair she decided she wanted to do the same. Proudly she donated her hair and raised over $1500. She and we will always cherish this special act of kindness.xx
  • Rhiannon, VIC
    I've always had pretty long hair and decided to finally try something new and cut my hair shorter, half way through the big chop I realised that instead of throwing away what I cut off I could donate it to someone who needs it. With a unique colour I hoped that I could make someone very happy.
  • Olga, NSW
    I never thought that I would ever donate my hair because it had taken so long to grow to the long length that it did. It was until half way through year seven, when I was 12 years old that I wanted to cut my hair all the way up to my shoulders. I realised that if I was going to cut this much off, I may as well donate it. I hope that whoever my hair is donated to is filled with joy and happiness. Love Olga xx
  • steph, QLD
    My hair always grows fast and really thick, therefore I thought: don't waste it! if i don't want it, someone else might need it.
  • Sarah, VIC
    I thought that my hair was really long and I wanted to do something really nice for other people.
  • Ella, VIC
    In 2016, I craved change so I wanted to cut my hair, however, my hair was quite long so I thought why not donate it instead of it being wasted. I was also friends with a girl who has alopecia so I had a little bit of insight towards what the donation was going to. In 2019, I had found the whole experience of donating my hair and raising money so enriching and heartwarming - knowing you're contributing to help make someone else's life better - that I wanted to donate my hair again! This time round we've currently raised $1039.74 and am incredibly proud and grateful to all those who contributed.