We love hearing your stories and seeing photos of your big chop! Share yours here.

  • Samantha, WA
    I wanted to help someone smile by contributing my hair to them. I know a new hairdo makes me feel special and I wanted to share the love.
  • Alessia, NSW
    Hi my name is Alessia. I have made the decision to make a difference by cutting and donating my hair, when I turn 10 years old this June. When I first heard that children had lost their hair due to cancer treatment or having a medical condition such as alopecia, I was very sad. Thereafter, I was told that by donating hair could make a difference as my hair would be made into a wig for those in need, I decided to donate my hair. I'll be chopping off 50cm of my hair to help children in need.
  • Sandra, TAS
    I have been going to donate my hair for many, many years but when mentioning the idea to friends their response was always "its not accepted anywhere anymore because all wigs are now synthetic". So for years (I'm currently 59) I have grown my hair, cut and discarded it. For some reason, this time I did a Google search and came across the information regarding donations through Variety and so instead of being wasted it is on its way to hopefully do some good! As it is usually always in a bun, people are flabbergasted at how long it is - this time including me! My hair has never been coloured or permed and having cut off the required length I appear to still have plenty left over so hopefully another donation (before it goes grey) is not to far away.
  • Hei Tung, WA
    I think it’s meaningful to do to help people. I would love to encourage people donate their hair to help more people who need it.
  • Lauren, WA
    While I really enjoyed my long hair it was time for a change. Why not use it as an opportunity to help others.
  • Keerthi, VIC
    My mum told me and my sister about this. So we decided to help others by sharing some of our hair to the people who need. We are so happy and proud to do this.
  • Charlotte, VIC
    My aunt lost her hair from cancer and I decided I didn't need my hair because I already have some. Others need it more than I do. I just wanted to help someone else.
  • Charlotte, NSW
    Our 6 year old Charlotte wanted to cut her beautiful long red hair, she had been asking for over a year to cut it short like me, her mum. I didnt want her hair to go to waste so encouraged her to grow it abit longer and she could donate it to people that were sick and didnt have hair. At first she didnt understand but over the last year we spoke to her about it and she began to understand. Today was the day it was long enough and she got the big chop! Her dad and I are so proud of her donating to a great cause. She loves her new cut 💇‍♀️
  • Bree, NSW
    Bree has wanted to wait till her hair was long enough to cut it so that she was able to donate it to someone that didn't have her own hair. Her older sister Amelia did this as well around the same age.
  • Renee, NSW
    Everyone wants to support a good cause, but doing so financially is just not always possible. I had done the shave a few times, and always have coloured hair, so doing that again that just didn't seem like 'enough' to ask for sponsorship. So - I said that if I made my fundraising target, I would commit to growing my hair to donate! Here's hoping small efforts make big changes, and someone who really deserves it has a warmer head this Winter 🙂
  • Shae, QLD
    I decided to donate my hair after making a promise to one of my closest friends, Tiana Power, who at the age of 13 was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a soft tissue sarcoma. Due to her disease, she had to shave her hair off. After spending the past 5 + years together, i promised her i would chop my hair off to donate. Nearly two years later, i finally had the courage to donate. A small effort that i know would make Tiana proud, and would change someone else’s life too.
  • Aidan, SA
    I had been seeing loads of ads on the television and I felt the need to do my part and donate my hair. it was a thrilling and scaring experience but totally worth it. I raised over $2000 and received lots of support from my friends and family and I am very thankful
  • Jasmine, NSW
    I have been blessed with beautiful long hair and I would like to share that with someone who needs it ...
  • Chelsea, VIC
    Medical purposes required me to chop off all my hair, so rather than just having it all shaved off and thrown out I figured it would be better to donate it myself!
  • Elayna, VIC
    This is Elayna’s first hair donation. She is such a loving and caring little girl who just wants to help. She makes us so proud.
  • Daniella, NSW
    I wanted to cut my extra long hair off so I can help people in need of wigs and I use to be a blood donor but can’t donate anymore coz of continuous blood clots so I decided to cut my hair off and give it to those in need.
  • Anukin, NSW
    My son has not had a haircut since birth and now he's 4 years old.we decided to do his hair donation to help others and put a smile on their faces. Lots of love
  • Summagh, QLD
    I have always just wanted to help people as much as I can, I grew up with long strong hair and that's the one thing that's stayed the same. My hair has always helped me in a way through rough times because I have always had it. So I thought if it's helped me so much I know it can help others. I have also had some health issues for almost 2 years but no one can find what it is and I haven't been able to do much so cutting my hair off and giving it to someone who is going through a lot worse has also helped me to be able to get back up and keep going xx
  • Daniella, NSW
    I just want to cut my hair off so I can give it to people in need because it was getting too long and heavy for me to handle and to look after properly
  • Kelly and Evelyn, NSW
    My hair has always been long and thick and everyone is in love with how straight it is. I had been a mum for 2 years and the long hair was getting in the way. I thought since i was chopping it that i may as well give it to someone to use. I found Variety and donated it. 3.5 years down the track brings us to now and my hair grew back and my now 5.5year old daughter Evelyn also has wonderful thick long beautiful hair. We talked about donating it and she also wanted to give her hair and we decided to raise some money as well. So many people commented about how proud they are for what we did but we just saw it as we didn't want our long hair anymore so someone else may as well use it. We are sure it will be put to good use!