Hair With Heart Stories

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  • Taylor, NSW
    I was over my long hair and felt as though I needed a change. Instead of wasting my locks and leaving them on the floor of a hair salon, I knew I wanted to help a child in need and donate as much as I could. I came across Variety The Children's Charity after seeing them at my local Woolworths and felt a strong connection towards their testimony's. I hope my donation of 46cm can bring joy into someone's life.
  • Lucy, NSW
    Love seeing sick people feel good about themselves, and if me simply growing my hair and then cutting it will make someone feel good again, that’s what I want.
  • Evangeline, QLD
    My Aunty Crystal passed away from cancer this year; she always had the most beautiful hair and hair styles. I wanted to help kids feel like her, and feel good when they go through chemo and loose their hair.
  • Kamsha, VIC
    I like to help people who have experienced hair loss due to medical reasons
  • Judy, QLD
    Would love to help wig makers for cancer patients.
  • Hannah, NSW
    I donated because I thought it was a good way to help sick children.
  • Fatima, NSW
    I hope there are smiles on kids faces when they get a wig.
  • Findlay, NT
    My name is Findlay, but everyone calls me Frog. I am 10 years old and I have been growing my hair for 3 years. I always wanted to donate my hair, but I knew I had to keep growing it until it was long enough. I know how lucky I am living in the Northern Territory and all of the amazing things I get to do every day. I also know that when someone is sick, they can't do all these fun things. I can't give someone lots of money and I can't change where they live, but I can give them something that might make them feel a bit better and that might want to make them do something that they enjoy. I hope my hair can be made into a wig for someone who is doing it a bit tough and I hope that they catch a really big fish when they are wearing it! I loved to catch big barramundi when I had long hair so I reckon my good luck was my hair!
  • Delilah, SA
    My cousin donated her hair a few years ago which inspired me to be brave and sacrifice something I love to help somebody else.
  • Novah-Lee, WA
    My name is Novah. I am 6 and I wanted to give my hair to kids who don't have any because Í feel it's sad when kids lose their hair because they're sick. I don't need long hair because it can grow again. I want to grow my hair and donate it all the time. I hope my hair makes little kids happy; I looked after it so they could have pretty hair forever.
  • Jodie, SA
    Looking at the sick children going through their own pain, I felt I had to do something. I know my hair will grow back and I thought what if that were me who needed hair. So hair is what I personally donated.
  • Shirley, WA
    I donated a couple of years ago, inspired by a friend who had done the same in Scotland. And with it being during covid, I thought, why not, it grows back haha!! I was a hairdresser in a previous life... Well, now my hair is long enough to do it again, and it's my honour to send it to you to help anyone, I just hope my hair helps. And I'll keep doing this as long as I'm able, as I have CKD Stage 3b.
  • Talia, WA
    I was inspired to donate my hair by Variety Hair with Heart. Throughout my life, I had always enjoyed having long hair, but one day I realised the privilege I possessed. It dawned on me that not everyone has the opportunity to grow their hair as they wish, especially those who have lost their hair due to medical conditions. At the beginning of 2022, I made the decision to grow my hair out for an entire year with the intention of donating it. It became my personal mission, and I was determined to see it through. I wanted to make a difference in someone's life by contributing my hair towards a real-hair wig. The journey was not always easy, as it required patience and dedication to let my hair grow to the desired length. But I was motivated by the thought of helping others and the impact it could have on their self-esteem and confidence. Finally, in the winter of 2023, I gathered the courage to make the big chop. I cut off a significant 40cm of my hair to donate. It was a moment filled with mixed emotions—sadness for saying goodbye to my long locks, but also immense joy knowing that my hair would go on to bring happiness to someone else. Along the way, I also decided to raise funds for the organisation. I reached out to my friends, family, and even acquaintances, sharing my journey and the cause I was supporting. Their support was overwhelming, and I managed to raise over $850, which further contributed to the meaningful work of Variety Hair with Heart. Working with such an incredible organisation has been a blessing. They provided the guidance and resources needed to ensure that my hair donation would make a significant impact. Their dedication to helping those in need and their commitment to helping create wigs for individuals experiencing hair loss is truly admirable. I am grateful for the opportunity to have participated in this hair donation journey. It has taught me the importance of selflessness and using our privileges to uplift others. Knowing that my hair will bring joy and confidence to someone facing challenging circumstances fills my heart with happiness.
  • Ruchira, NSW
    This is my second time donating hair. I wanted to chop my hair and then I remembered and thought of donating my hair again.
  • Kiara, WA
    My long hair made me feel beautiful and I got sad when my mum showed me photos online of children with no hair. When I asked her why they have no hair, Mum said health reasons or treatment meant they lost their hair. I thought about this and then at Relay for Life my brother shaved his head, and there was another young girl there who was donating her hair to make wigs. I asked Mum if I could do this. She said yes and looked online, then I started growing my hair so I could get it long enough to donate so other children could feel beautiful too.
  • Celine Divi, WA
    Celine is 4 years old. She said she doesn't know why she did it. However, I think when she saw the kids I showed her who are sick, she really felt for them. She kept asking why they don't have hair and she told me that she can share her hair with them to make them feel happier. That's just Celine. She loves and cares for everyone around her. She even asked to take her money out to donate. I just love how she thinks of others.
  • Angelina, NSW
    What inspired me to donate my hair is easy! I had school friends, dancing friends, and so many family members suffering from cancer, leukaemia, disabilities and hair loss. I always wanted to help and support those that need it more than me. This was a great opportunity and I am so grateful to everyone that has supported me, helped me reach this goal and for Variety The Children's Charity for doing this amazing work.
  • Preethi Jose, NSW
    What God has given us becomes more valuable when we share it with those who don't have it. My daughter (Siyona) and I (Preethi) wanted to donate hair to little children who have no hair. I am involving my daughter who is in year 6 in the hope that her future life will be an inspiration to do good things like this.
  • Joanna, QLD
    After reading an article with mum about donating hair, Joanna decided to cut her hair and donate to someone who needs it on her 6th birthday.
  • Katherin, NSW
    Some kids are unlucky to be sick and I’m lucky to NOT be sick. I want to share my hair because I can grow it again but some people can’t. It's a gift and hopefully they will fully recover even when it’s the hardest of times. They deserve something special.