Hair With Heart Stories

We love hearing your stories and seeing photos of your big chop! Share yours here.

  • Anastasia, NSW
    I have always been one for kindness and giving to others. And so when my hair started getting long I thought it would be a good idea to donate it. Being able to give to someone in need means a lot to me and i couldn't think of anything better to do with my hair.
  • Amy, QLD
    My names Amy, I'm 11 & all my life I've had long hair. My long Auburn hair, is what people have known me for. Late last year I made the decision to chop 35.5cm of my hair off & donate it to charity, as I want to be known for more than my hair. I love to give to others. As well as the donating my hair to be made into wigs for people less fortunate than me, I also fundraised more than $1000 for Hair With Heart. I was proudly supported on the day by my mum, teacher, friends & my whole Yr6 class on our last day of primary school. It was an amazing feeling to be able to gift my hair to others.
  • Tessa, WA
    I have been growing my hair to donate for around 2 years now, and I’m glad I did. What inspired me to grow my hair out and then cut it, was the fact that I could help someone so much, with something thing as simple as a hair cut. I highly recommend supporting and participating because it is truely an amazing cause and can really change lives!!
  • Grace, QLD
    I’ve been thinking about this for 3 years and knew that when I was ready to cut my long hair that I would donate it to charity. After the senior students at my school spent a year growing their hair to donate, I was inspired and ready to donate my hair also.
  • Bronte, NSW
    My nan suggested I look at hair donation because she is a Nurse and knows how much it would mean to someone else. I've always had long hair but I can always grow it back. Some people don't have that privilege.
  • Sophie, QLD
    I have been wanting to donate my hair for a long time now and it finally was long enough. It makes me happy to know that my hair will bring a smile to someone else who needs hair more than me.
  • Chirathi, QLD
    I love to give. I give away clothes, toys and school supplies that I have in spare. So my mom encouraged me to grow my hair for donation. I am so happy to donate my hair for anyone who is in need of it. I care and feel for them. So here I am sending my hair with love. 😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️
  • Charli, VIC
    When I heard people had lost their hair it made me feel sad for them. I felt bad because I had very long hair and they had none, so I decided I wanted to give them some of my hair.
  • Bella, WA
    I just wanted to make people happy, that’s just me inside of my heart. It took three years to grow and I feel good that my hair is helping someone else.
  • Akeesha, NSW
    One of my friends did it and I decided that it is something that I would like to do as its for a wonderful cause.
  • Heidi, SA
    I love my long hair and to be able to donate to someone who will appreciate it more than me is the least I can do. I’m fortunate to be able to grow it so I love to be able to contribute to a wonderful cause.
  • Krystal, WA
    When I first heard about hair donation i decided then and there that I would grow my hair long again and the next time I cut it short I would donate it! The thought of it being made into a wig for someone in need instead of just getting swept up into a bin just made sense. When I told my eldest daughter, who was around 7 at the time, that I wanted to donate my hair the next time I cut it short and why she straight away told me that she wanted to do the same. We both grew our hair over the next few years and were so excited for the day of the big chop and to finally be able to give our much loved hair to this amazing charity that helps so many kids. And we plan to keep spreading the word and growing our hair to be donated for many years to come!
  • Mila, QLD
    My big brother told me about it and then I thought it would be a really kind thing to do.
  • Imogen, NSW
    My friend and I already raised money for illness by shaving our heads but we wanted to go even further. We love helping people and when we found Variety we easily decided to participate in Hair with Heart. We signed up and donated our hair to make wigs. My friend and I believe everyone should feel accepted and if they want a wig to feel that way we were glad to donate. Everybody deserves to feel accepted, no matter what.
  • Amelia, NSW
    I wanted to donate my hair because I like to care for people that are sick and do nice things for them.
  • Haille, ACT
    I wanted to help families and kids by donating my hair which I’ve been growing for a long time.
  • Molly, VIC
    I have wanted to donate for 2 years now, I was going to shave but not BRAVE enough. But I knew I had enough to give and want grow to give again.
  • Sofia, NSW
    I always wanted to donate my hair as soon as it got long enough and I wanted it to cut it for a cause. My mom donated her hair a few years back and I was inspired by her gesture.
  • Natassja, NSW
    I have always had long hair and it was getting too long so I decided to do something with my hair rather then just throw out 20 yrs of growth and I found Variety which inspired me to SHAVE my hair. The thought of giving my hair a second life and bringing happiness to someone else is the best feeling and I can't wait to do it again !
  • Michelle, NSW
    My hair brought me a lot of joy, I hope my hair will be a blessing for someone!