Hair With Heart Stories

We love hearing your stories and seeing photos of your big chop! Share yours here.

  • Gina, NSW
    I first saw our friend donate his hair to Variety, and that inspired me to join the effort. My daughter and I grew our hair out for nearly three years. Finally reaching 35cm, we went to the hair salon together to cut our hair and donate it to make wigs for children, doing our part to help. I feel that this was a very meaningful thing for us to do together. I hope it can help more children, and that the world can be filled with more love!💇💞
  • Ada, NSW
    I grew my hair for 3 years after I heard you could donate it to help other people who lose their hair when they are sick. I hope my hair makes someone else happy. Love Ada
  • Marian, NSW
    I’ve always treasured my long hair and giving it away means giving an important part of me to someone in need. We all want to feel confident of ourselves and a full head of hair gives us that boost. I wish to share what I have to give people the chance to be confident and feel good about themselves.
  • Phuong Uyen (Daisy), VIC
    One of my cousins in Vietnam donated hair a few years ago. I remembered and tried to grow my hair as long as possible. My hair donation has been posted to Variety for people who need it. I am an educator and will be an ECT next year, and I hope my help can support children. Sharing is caring 🩵
  • Hoang Minh Anh, VIC
    My mother said my hair could grow back quickly, but other people's hair had difficulty growing back for medical reasons. I hope my sister’s hair and mine can bring joy to someone. Happiness from small things.
  • Jasmine, VIC
    I wanted kids like me to be able to have hair too.
  • Huynh Anh, NT
    Life is a balance of giving and receiving, and I'm grateful for all that I've received. For two years, I nurtured my hair with love, and now I have donated it to support and help kids reclaim their confidence and to let them feel I'm with them during their difficult times. I love it when people say that if you give something away, it'll be with you forever.
  • Mannat, NSW
    I have always wanted to have Rapunzel-like hair and every morning I get up asking my mum “which hairstyle will you do today Mumma”😊 A year ago, I got to know about hair donation and how it makes a difference in someone’s life. It was not easy for me, but looking at how my mum and a school friend donated their hair with ease, I decided to do it. Although we have no idea who will receive it, we really hope this makes a difference and brings some comfort in a difficult time of someone’s life. Last but not least, thanks to everyone who supported me by helping in fundraising.
  • Amelia, VIC
    Amelia had her first big chop as she wanted to help kids with no hair.
  • Som pel, WA
    This is the only thing I can do
  • Lila, TAS
    I want to donate my hair for children to get a wig made with my hair. It's just a small help and with great satisfaction. Thank you
  • Laura, NT
    I wanted to give something, and hair seemed something that was easy to grow and would be valued.
  • Jessica, QLD
    I’m a Mum and a high school teacher, helping kids truly is my life purpose and my passion. When I went to cut my hair, I knew I wanted to do a big chop and donate it to help children feel a little more confident as they battled things I couldn’t even begin to comprehend, and hope never to have to with my own children. These children are the true heroes! I’m just glad I could help them out even in the smallest of ways. Thank you so much to the Hair with Heart team for providing an avenue for us to help out these children. What you do is so special ❤️😊
  • Maribel, VIC
    I donated my hair to support and help kids to gain their confidence and also to feel I’m with them during their difficult times.
  • johanavie, SA
    I loved my hair but it was very long and I figured it was better to donate it to cancer patients. I'm glad I did. My hair is very light now and knowing I gave my hair to people that need it makes my heart melt.
  • Anita, NSW
    My mum suffered from cancer and to see her without hair was devastating as she had long black hair. So, I thought if I donated my hair and put a smile on someone’s face, it would be very gratifying ☺️
  • Chloe, WA
    There is this beautiful girl I know who is only five years old and currently seeking treatment for cancer. She is so young, beautiful and full of life; she doesn't deserve this, and although there is nothing I or others can do to take her sickness away, we can fundraise to help her and other children. My hair will grow back, she deserves it more than I do.
  • Danielle, QLD
    I had been wanting to donate my hair since I was 6 years old. I had only ever had one hair cut. So mum and I decided turning 10 was a great time to do it. I really wanted to help other kids who are sick, who have a disability or can't grow their own hair. I am really proud and happy that I could donate my hair to help make someone smile with a wig. I was also amazed at the donations I have received from others. My lovely cousin Abi is my inspiration. All my family got involved in chopping my hair. And my school ran a crazy hair day that will contribute to my collection of donations.
  • Nadiia, NSW
    I was inspired to donate my hair after seeing the joy it brings to children who have lost their hair due to illness or medical treatments. Witnessing their resilience and courage ignited a passion in me to make a difference in their lives. Today, I hope that my donation can bring a sense of normalcy and happiness to a child in need, and serve as a reminder that they are not alone in their journey.
  • Grace, WA
    My Mum mentioned it when I was in primary school and I thought it was a beautiful idea.