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  • Mia, VIC
    I was reading a magazine article about a young girl like me and decided I wanted to help to. I like helping people and wanted to give someone my hair that doesn't have any.
  • Julia, NSW
    For my whole life I have wanted to donate my long thick hair to someone in need. I myself was too scared and never brave enough to shave my head until my cousins was diagnosed with GBM. He had a long set of dread locks which he lost during treatment. Suddenly, I wasn’t scared anymore. Seeing someone so close to me who loved his hair and was known as the guy with dreads, suddenly have no choice about keeping it. I felt selfish that I hadn’t done it sooner. I am now rocking my new shaved head. Stay brave. Xx
  • Kelly, WA
    I love my hair so much that I have decided to spread this love! Hope it can be turned into some beautiful wigs! ❤️
  • Brooke, NSW
    My hair grows really quickly and it's nice to help people with alopecia. We know about Variety because my sister had been granted a bike a few years ago and this is my second time donating my hair.
  • Jack, QLD
    When I was 13, I finished mainstream schooling and started homeschooling. Around that time mums beautiful hairdresser, Rachel was diagnosed with cancer. This was a big part of my decision to grow my hair & donate to Hair with Heart.
  • Michelle, NSW
    This is my second time donating my hair to Variety. My inspiration the first time I did a chop of 41cm in 2017 was all about just helping kids be kids! Shortly after I made the donation I found out a friend/teammate of mine in my soccer team has Alopecia. Not many knew of her condition, until one game she headed the ball and her wig fell off. She was mortified, it was like her worst nightmare came true! This experience along with working in hospitals and hearing/seeing the immense battles many cancer patients experience day after day motivated me to plan and complete a second chop. Today, I cut and will be donating 36cm of hair in hope to make a wig and make the battles these people go through that little bit easier. https://alopecia.everydayhero.com/au/michelle-brown.
  • Lilyana, QLD
    I feel happy that I'm giving my hair to others but I was feeling a little scared about what I might look like after I cut it all off. I feel happy that I gave my hair away and I really like my new hair style. This is the second time I have donated my hair to Variety - the Children's Charity.
  • Dilrukshi, VIC
    I love kids every where in the world. I would like to do my best for kids. This is a tiny help 💞💞💞
  • Harini and Senithi, QLD
    I was inspired because of the good cause helping children with disabilities and sickness - Harini. The reason which inspired me to donate my hair was to help others who have the inability of growing hair - Senithi
  • Tehya, QLD
    2 years ago I met our neighbour, she had patches of hair missing. I asked about it and learnt what alopecia is. I also learnt about wigs and donating hair. I asked my mum to measure my hair. Sadly it wasn’t long enough yet. Every few months when mum gave me a trim I asked her to measure again. Finally it was long enough. I was so excited but had to wait a month while mum organized it, and so we could fundraise a little also. Finally the day came, I was excited, then nervouscited. The hairdresser was lovely, she handed mum the donations and mum put them in a bag. I thought i would freak out when I seen how short my hair was, but I didn’t, I love it. I now have a stacked bob which is awesome. And someone else can enjoy my donated hair which is even more awesome. My family and friends tell me they are very proud. I’m proud of myself too, but I’m more proud of whoever receives my donated hair, whoever that will be, they have so much courage!
  • Fabiana, QLD
    What inspired me was the fact of fitting in and feeling accepted. I know you don't have to look a certain way or be a certain way and there are certain things that you cant stop that can make you look different. But sometimes looking a little alike or having a certain feature you really want can make you a lot more confident and appreciative of yourself.
  • Sophie, VIC
    I originally wanted to help only kids with cancer, but then saw Variety and wanted to help all kids who aren’t as fortunate as I am
  • Sangeetha, NSW
    I wanted to do something nice and memorable on my birthday. So decided to chop my hair and give it to someone who needs it! It was a great experience. Thanks, Variety for giving me the opportunity.
  • Asuntha, VIC
    In our family, we have started a new tradition of celebrating our birthdays every second year only, where every other year we donate to a chosen charity. This year, I decided that I will donate something of mine that will be useful to others, which was my hair. As Variety supports children, and being a mother of two children myself, I wanted to donate something of mine that would put a smile on a little one's face.
  • Isabella, NSW
    The reason I wanted to donate my hair is because I love my hair and then I thought I can grow back my hair but some people can’t. So that’s why I wanted to donate my hair to the people who need it more
  • Evie, WA
    I want to help someone who is going through a tough time
  • Elsie, TAS
    Elsie's mum showed her a YouTube clip when she was just two years old. Since then, Elsie has been determined to grow her hair long enough to donate to Variety. It was a very proud day when this finally happened. And, in a strange twist, it was the same day that her grandfather was diagnosed with leukaemia. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwQZggdZrOo
  • Kim, NSW
    Haven't cut my hair this much short since I was 10, and have always been proud of having nice thick healthy long hair. I have been thinking of to donate my hair for a very long period of time, finally, I made the decision to stop dyeing my hair and wait for the hair to grow to the length. I am very glad that my hair could make someone beautiful, and give a bit of sunshine to their life.
  • Gabrielle, SA
    I donated my hair because it was really long and I wanted to cut it. I’m really happy someone else can have a wig.
  • Zoe, NSW
    I wanted to grow my hair until it was long enough to donate, I think it is very important to think of others, especially kids.