Hair With Heart Stories

We love hearing your stories and seeing photos of your big chop! Share yours here.

  • Tayeton, VIC
    I have special needs myself and I’m losing my vision and hearing I often go to the Royal Childrens myself for my appointments and I often see Children with no hair, I asked Mum why this was and mum explained it to me. So I decided to help out a child that would enjoy feeling like they belong as I don’t feel that way myself at times, people look and glare at me and I decided from one special child to another I know how you feel when people stare I hope I can continue donating over my life to help Thankyou ❤️
  • Rebecca, VIC
    I decided to donate my hair because it was very long and I thought it would be nice to give it to someone who needs it. My dad also donated his hair about 10 years ago.
  • Maria, QLD
    I am a mother to a now 18month old and had decided I wanted a hair change when my sister suggested to me that I should donate my hair instead. She mentioned there was a charity that accepted hair and made wigs for those in need. So I jumped online and found Variety. I was so happy I met all the criteria and booked my hairdresser for that week. I was so excited all week to be able to do this small act. I am very blessed with thick hair that grows quickly so how could I not help others with something I have been blessed with. Iam excited to know my hair will bring a smile and confidence to a person's life who needs it.
  • Joanna, NSW
    To my amazement, in the end I donated eight plaits of 37cm to 49 cm long, and we raised together over $3000+ from 70+ generous people. All I can say is big thank you to all and hope this helps many children in need, like my friend Evie. XoXo
  • Louise, QLD
    I have been growing my hair for many years. Thought it would be nice for another person to benefit. Maybe will do it again.
  • Evie, NSW
    Knowing that Evie is going to be able to bring so much joy to another person's life is the greatest gift ever. I love that even though she is only 4 she understands that she can make other people happy by sharing what she has.
  • Kiera-lee, QLD
    My name is Kiera-lee. I am 8 years old an today on the 11th of June I had my first hair cut. My mum said that I can give my hair to other people that have no hair and I said I would like to do that. I hope I will make someone happy
  • Zoe, VIC
    Zoe was born premature and had received donated blood which saved her life. Zoe wanted to cut her hair short. So Zoe had thought maybe she could cut her hair an donate it back to someone to continue on the good fortune. Zoe is 10 years old and has a huge heart.
  • Hope, QLD
    Hope is 7 and has a heart of gold, she wanted to cut her beautiful long hair off and when I told her about donating it and the reason why she couldnt wait to cut and donate.
  • Sadie, VIC
    My name is Sadie and I am nearly 10. One day I was shopping with my Mum and we saw a girl with a bandana on her head and she didn’t have any hair. I asked my Mum what happened to her. My mum said she might have Alopecia like her cousin or maybe cancer. My mum asked if I would want to donate my hair to make a wig for kids that need it. We did some research and found out it needs to be 35.5 cm long to donate it, so I have been growing it since then! Now it’s long enough!
  • Anellah, SA
    I have been growing my hair for 13yrs now (after doing a Drop dead Fred at 3). Decided to donate to children who are going through illness and loose their hair. Mine will regrow but wanted others to be happy ❤️
  • Anellah, SA
    To do my little bit to help children who are in need
  • Mariah, SA
    I wanted to have a different hairstyle and when a family member mentioned that I should donate my hair, I was interested. They showed me the hair with heart page and that my hair could be donated to help make a wig. After I got my hair chopped I felt happy that I was able to raise money and donate my hair.
  • Natalie, NSW
    I like to help people and this seemed like a great way to give someone an opportunity to have a wig and feel more confident in themselves. I had my hair cut short five years ago and decided after that, I wouldn't cut it again until it was long enough to donate. Despite the challenges looking after long hair, it feels so worth it to see what kind of impact I could make on someone's life.
  • Wiriya (Som), SA
    Som has beautiful strong hair that grows extremely quickly! Each time she has it cut, there is significant length taken off. When we were discussing this Som said that it would be great if her hair could be used somehow, by someone. So, as they say, "the rest is history"! After doing some research, Som decided to grow her hair long enough to ensure it would be as useful as possible. Approximately 17 inches or 43 centimetres was the final length we cut off! Som is SO proud to think that her hair will benefit someone who is not as fortunate as she is! She thinks she may even grow it and donate again in the future!
  • Cadence, NSW
    I am a grateful recipient of a Variety Scholarship and wanted to give back. When I told my Grandmother that I was donating my hair she was so inspired that she decided to do it with me. We had our hair cut together. It was lovely to share the experience with her.
  • Halle, SA
    I decided to cut and donate my hair because I don’t think it is fair that people can’t have hair. Everyone deserves to have hair.
  • Allyssa, NSW
    Seeing people with hair loss made me realise how lucky I was to be blessed with this beautiful thick hair of mine. So I thought why not share it with others!
  • Lucy- Rose, QLD
    Such a small sacrifice really for a someone who has had to deal with so much and hopefully my gift may make them smile. It’s very rewarding to help someone, kindness each day is on my list of things to do.
  • Gayani, VIC
    Hi I’m Gayani, from Sri Lanka. I’m doing my masters here in Deakin University. When I was in Sri Lanka two year’s ago I donate my hair to the cancer hospital. That day I thought when my hair will be reach more than 12 inches I will donate again. Today I donate 14 inches. I’m so glad about myself. I always wanted to help others no matter what happens. I do this again and again.