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  • Vidya, VIC
    My name is Vidya and I'm 5 years old. My mum started donating her hair and said, she was doing it so other people who don' t have hair and need it will be very happy. I hope my hair makes someone very happy. I will grow my hair again and donate to make more people happy.
  • Alex, WA
    I donate my hair every two years when it is long enough (it is very slow-growing!!). This year my son cut it, and daughter photographed it, so it was a family affair!! I've never dyed it or used chemicals on it, so about six years ago I thought, why let it go to landfill or the worms when it can help someone else out?! My son is now growing his out (one year in) to donate, so we'll see how that goes...
  • Cara, NSW
    My daughter Cara is 8 years old and wanted to donate her beautiful long hair so we chopped it today! 2.5 years ago my sister had cancer and had to have treatment. Her bravery inspired us every day and continues too so we wanted to help someone else that needs it. I am so proud of Cara for understanding the importance of helping others in life and wanting to make a difference she makes me smile 😊 #help raise money #make a difference #caring for others #Hair with Heart ❤️
  • Anita, NSW
    3 years ago I found out a school friend had cancer. She had a beautiful mane of hair and I've alwaysive always thought that's the signature of her look. A year ago she passed and in mourning, I have decided to grow my hair to donate it, as a way of paying tribute to a great friend. This year I kicked it off by cutting my hair for Variety. Thank you for giving me the channel to be generous.
  • Ruth, VIC
    I just wanted to do something good (specially for kids) and came up with this idea of donating my hair. It feels great and I'm glad that I did it!
  • Lorvic Andrew, VIC
    Many patients especially children suffer low self-esteem due to body image, this can have a lifetime effect. We can help and alleviate what they feel by providing support in any way we can. I have made the decision to make a difference by cutting and donating my hair to be made into a wig for someone who has lost their hair due to a medical condition.
  • Mary, VIC
    When I was 6 years old I donated my hair to charity for the first time. My hair grows really fast so I decided to cut it again recently and I didn’t know what to do with the rest. I didn’t want to throw it out so once again I am going to donate it to charity. I hope to continue doing this in the future.
  • Angie, NSW
    I’m 18 years old and I have had long hair for as long as I can remember and have been intending to cut it since 2016. I was inspired to cut and donate my hair last year when a friend of mine fell sick, we soon found out that she had cancerous brain tumours. She soon lost her hair after starting chemo and others in my community began cutting/shaving their hair for her cause. I decided to donate my hair to Variety on behalf of Felicity, who has been the most bravest, gorgeous spirit even in such difficult times. I know she’s going to go on to do great things and I hope my donation helps other children face their difficult times with bravery and beauty.
  • Candace, WA
    Starting the year off right, helping others. Hair has been something I have used to both hide and express myself over the years and I had the crazy thought of how sad I’d be if I suddenly was told I’d lose it all. The longer I thought about it, the more I knew I needed to donate to those whose reality is living without hair. My hair grows ridiculously quick and I have the luxury of being a healthy young teen with no fear of major health issues like cancer so it only makes sense to give the most I can to others who only dream of things I consider simple. So today I had the big chop and this is the result I now have the shortest haircut ever but I also have the pleasure to donate 36cm of hair. It’s truly a lovely feeling of blessing a individual I will most likely never meet but will daily bring them joy that only I could give them. I highly recommend if you have longer hair and would like to help others to donate it.
  • Kaneka, VIC
    For most of my life I've kept my hair long for no particular reason other than the innocent, naive and foolish thought that a woman must have long flowing hair. However growing up it has been my shield and security. I've used it as protection but sometimes to hide away from my fears. One of them is having short hair, worrying about how I'd look with it and whether I'd suit it. Having seen one of my friends do the same, I have decided to donate my hair. What is such a simple act can change the lives of kids in need.
  • Sophie Chui, WA
    I needed a reason to commit to cutting my hair after a lifetime with long locks, it feels and looks so much better short and I'm so glad I had enough to donate if for a wig for Variety
  • Ranmini, VIC
    Wanted to bring smile on someone’s face...
  • Ellenore, QLD
    Ellenore's nanny had cancer in her glands around her neck, she had to have radiotherapy where she lost only the underneath of her hair. After seeing this Ellenore decided at 4-5 she was going to grow her hair long enough to help other who lost all of their hair. When she was 5 we found out she needed a certain length to donate so it took us just over a year to get it to the right length. Ellenore was excited all the time asking if it was long enough for the chop. Just after Christmas 2018 we measured and it was perfect for a little bob.
  • Ampa, NSW
    I believe that we are here on earth for the good thing. Even it’s a small thing, start to do it when you can. I grew my hair for 2 years because I truely hope this long hair can bring back someone’s smile. I cut it on my birthday, so it’s the gift from me to someone out there. I’m so happy!!
  • Lauren, VIC
    As a mother of three children myself, I often don't have the financial means to donate to charity, however, I am fortunate that Variety gives me a way to contribute to children by donating my hair. I'm a second time donor now and hope to donate again.
    I'm a 9 year old boy and I decided to cut my hair and donate it to help others. Thank you x
  • Juliette, VIC
    I loved my hair, but I knew someone else would love it way more than I did.
  • Alessia, NSW
    This is Alessia's second donation of her gorgeous hair, the first being 2 years ago and it has grown back so quickly. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer whilst pregnant with Alessia and I showed her my wig and picture of me wearing my wig during chemo. When we decided to get her haircut she was more than happy to donate her gorgeous hair to such a worthy cause. I've attached photos of both donations, so proud of my gorgeous girl.
  • Annie, VIC
    I wanted to donate my hair because I have the choice to! Some people don’t have the option and they deserve to have hair and feel confident and beautiful!
  • Eloise, WA
    I felt it was time for a change in hairstyle and felt it should be used for a good purpose .