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  • Bianca, QLD
    When I first looked at how long my hair was I thought it would be a waste if I just cut it all off so I decided to donate it.
  • Dakota, WA
    When I was about 8 I decided to grow my hair so I could donate it to someone in need. Everyone deserves to have hair and wigs for those who need them they should not be a luxury item. Even though I’m only 11, this is my way of helping to change the world.. One snip at a time. I was so surprised that I managed to triple my target goal with help from so many people, and I hope to do this again in the future. I was lucky enough to have a great Hairdresser that donated her time and money to help me, and am grateful to everyone.
  • Nikola, NSW
    I had it for 11 years and always wanted to do it. Because children deserve better 😀
  • Ned, NSW
    About 2 years ago I saw a post online about hair donation and I just thought to myself that’s what I want to do for my birthday! From then I embarked on a journey to grow up my hair. Before I know it my hair was already longer than the required length, just in time for my birthday. It’s a gift from me, to you 🙂
  • Paris, NSW
    I've been lucky enough to have very nice long hair for a long time; pretty much my whole life. When I decided to cut my hair I knew I wanted to make a difference by cutting and donating my hair to be made into a wig for someone who has lost their hair due to a medical condition. For pretty much the last 15 years of my life I constantly got compliments about my hair. But I wondered why my long hair was considered beautiful when really it's just hair that is long. Yes, I looked after it but I did I really feel lucky to have such long hair? I felt lucky that I had hair period. Those compliments, however, made me feel more confident about my appearance and every time I let my hair out, I instantly felt prettier. But hair does not define you or anyone else, I strongly believe that it's what is inside. But I wanted to give someone else a chance to feel confident even when they aren't necessarily at their personal best.
  • Anuska, NSW
    “Giving is not just about making a donation, it is about making a difference.” Self-confidence is one of the greatest powers a human can possess, and kids who suffer from Alopecia need self-confidence to fight their everyday struggle. Inner-voice and the mind can be so powerful for everyone of us to go on about our day positively. Happiness and positivity can be shared. A year ago, I decided to dedicate my hair for this cause and now that I’ve accomplished it, I feel so much more positive and I cannot wait to do this all over again. There are so many kids out there who have low self-esteem, get bullied in school and social media for being different, and I just wanted to help in a way where kids can feel confident again, be themselves regardless of what’s happened.
  • Nina, NSW
    Because I felt sorry to the people who don’t have any hair and I have beautiful thick long hair and if I cut it short and donate it it will make someone very happy and my hair will grow back . It took me 7 years to grow it that long so I hope someone really enjoys it . It makes me feel good to be able to help someone.
  • Jane, NSW
    I wanted to help others who didn't have hair and I had so much I thought I could share it.
  • Alia, NSW
    I wanted my hair short, Mum said it would be a waste of all that beautiful hair so following in my big sister's footsteps we decided to donate it. Knowing that someone special will love my hair and needs it more.
  • Scott, WA
    Some people needed it more than me
  • Janine, QLD
    I had cancer when I was 32, my Mum had cancer last year but both of us were lucky to keep our hair. Thanks to both my pregnancies my hair finally reached the minimum length and was gorgeous to boot - hope both donations make someone feel pretty when maybe life has not been.
  • Mia, VIC
    Mia is 4 years old and has had 37cm of her beautiful hair cut of and donated today. Mia showed a lot of compassion early on for those whom had lost their hair due to all sorts of illnesses. We showed her videos online of people donating their hair to make wigs and Mia decided from then that she would grow her hair to donate it to someone who needs it more than she does.
  • Braxton, WA
    When I was 6 I made the decision that I wanted to donate my hair. 3 years on I grew my hair and made the cut while raising funds along the way to help those. I know my hair will look awesome on someone who is suffering through a tough time in their life. Congratulations to everyone who had done the same or is in the process of helping those. Braxton.
  • Ella, VIC
    I had seen videos of other girls that had donated their hair and thought I would really like to do that to help another child that has lost theirs through sickness. I had seen so many sick kids at the hospital where my mum works and really wanted to be able to help them. I am lucky to have really thick hair so kept growing it for as long as I could to help someone get a wig with it. I thought by raising money too that would really help someone too. I am so happy I did it.
  • Joshua, NSW
    I'm a boy and have been growing my hair for the last 5 years, which has been a long time in my life. I'm 12, I've been called a girl and been mistaken for a girl more times than I can remember but I've always loved my hair and didn't care and still don't. I've thought about donating my hair before but it wasn't long enough, it now is and I've chosen Variety the Children's Charity.
  • Claudia, QLD
    It is such a small thing to do that gives someone else great confidence. I love my long blonde hair & hope someone else will love it too!
  • Lauren, SA
    Just over 3 years ago I lost my grandfather to multiple myeloma. The day after his funeral I made my first hair donation. 3 years on and my hair was long enough to donate again (it might take a bit longer before the next donation as I decided to treat myself to some highlights).
  • Alissa, QLD
    Hi I’m Alissa and I am 7 years old I donated 38cms of my hair My dream is to help give back the gift of confidence and self esteem. “Everyone deserves to feel beautiful”
  • Nina, SA
    Thinking about the people with no hair and wanting to help them.
  • Joey, VIC
    I have really long hair, and I saw there are people with no hair. That’s a really sad thing, I want the others can also be more happy and beautiful.