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  • Sithy, TAS
    I have seen the mental suffering of individuals who goes through different illnesses. If donating hair can ease a bit of that suffering at least a bit and give a smile, well that’s all anyone could ask for... hair grows back easily, but to give joy to someone else, well that opportunity does not come along everyday.
  • Cyryla, VIC
    I decided to cut about 40cm of hair and donate it to Variety to help kids who benefit from my hair donation. It was a big decision to make, but (as long as I have it trimmed a little every now and then) I have figured out it should grow back by my 17th birthday!
  • Madison Blaire, VIC
    Hi my name is Madie. I never wanted to cut my long hair but after mum showed me "Hair with Heart” I didn’t hesitate to donate my hair to those who need it. I will take care of my hair so when it grows back I would like to donate again.
  • Michael, VIC
    I lost a close family member to cancer a few years ago and she lost her hair during treatment. I’ve always had very short hair cuts and this loss fuelled me with the desire to grow my hair and donate it those that need it more than I. I was studying at the time and didn’t have much money, but this was something that wouldn’t cost me money, only time - and time is what I had. I initially started growing it in 2015 but cut it after six months. Then at the end of 2016, I was determined to walk through all the awkward stages and grow my hair and donate it. After just over 2 and a half years, it was ready for the big chop! It has been a truly amazing experience!
  • Marlene, SA
    Just the thought of having someone smile because of my hair brings me happiness. All my life I had long black hair and just recently I have realized that I can do something meaningful with it so I decided to give it to a good cause. I'm hoping that this would be a start of me growing and sending my hair to help others who need one.
  • Frida, VIC
    I have been growing my hair for years and have always loved having long hair. It makes me sad that other kids have to loose their hair, so i wanted to share mine with others.
  • Chloe, NSW
    Often people would stop me and comment on how lovely my hair is. It made me think of the children who have no hair. I would love for someone to feel special and confident. I hope my hair will help someone feel a bit better.
  • Emily, QLD
    Thank you to my beautiful hairdresser Sharni who didn’t charge me for my cut because she also believed it was for such a good cause!
  • Emilie, ACT
    I've been thinking of cuting my hair a year ago. I wanted to do it because I guess I had enough. Well, I wanted to change. And I think it would be impossible to me to just throw away my hair knowing that it may be useful. I'm really pleased to know that my hair is going to have a new life and most of all that it's going to bring hapiness to someone.
  • Ruby, SA
    After years of loving and caring for my beautiful hair and pretending to be Queen Elsa from Frozen, my favourite movie, i though it was time to try a new style and thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to donate it.
  • Diya, ACT
    I had been growing my hair for the last 5 years and was thinking about cutting it halfway but then I decided to donate it for a good cause. I heard about organizations that do a great job making wigs for people with conditions and wanted to help .
  • Laura, VIC
    I heard about this amazing charity and saw an opportunity to give my hair to people who needed it a lot more than I did 🙂
  • Kassadee, QLD
    I lost my Nana to TCell Lymphoma last year. I saw her struggle with not having hair, so I wanted to do something for others.
  • Hasini, QLD
    Since I was a little girl I used to grow my hair very long. But every time I see a person who has lost his/her hair due to an illness it touched my heart. I put myself into their shoes “how would I feel if I lost my hair”. This thought made me to donate my hair for a worthy cause. Trust me it is such a self satisfying experience and looking forward to do it again in few years.
  • Nadeera, VIC
    Honestly, I began growing out my hair just for this cause because it was a challenge that I just wanted to take. It took about 12 months and during that time I learned how hard it was to maintain such long hair and how I always felt self-conscious, scared that my hair didn’t look nice or something, except that also helped me to keep in mind that there are people facing much more difficult situations compared to my ponytail being not even. Also since I do such sports such as tennis and swimming, personally it’s much more easier to keep a shorter so yeah, I mainly donated for the experience and to help someone who’s going through an incredibly difficult situation, I have ultimate respect, and wish them the best!! As for anyone reading this too, it gets better, I promise 😀
  • Aleisha, VIC
    To make someone else feel better about themselves and to give them the confidence they don't feel like they can have without hair. Also, I had really, really long hair and wanted a change.
  • Peggy, VIC
    To help others
  • Evie, VIC
    Evie is four years of age and has been growing her hair since she was two. Evie visited our friend at her hairdressing salon and asked if she could have really short hair. With all the left over hair, we talked about how she could share it with others. Evie was very happy to donate her hair for a great cause.
  • Aanya, NSW
    Aanya is 6yrs old and didn’t want to have her hair cut. But when she realised that there are people who could wear her hair as wig, she was very excited to donate her hair. We as parents could not be more proud on her decision.
  • Darnell, QLD
    My 3 year old had never had a hair cut and always got confused for a girl and we wanted his beautiful hair to be used instead of wasted so we knew this would be a great cause.