Hair With Heart Stories

We love hearing your stories and seeing photos of your big chop! Share yours here.

  • Caleb, QLD
    As a child, I'd always had a buzz cut because it was easy to manage. Two years ago I had my heart set on growing my buzz cut into a man bun style, so I started the journey of growing my hair...and it grew very long very quickly. I had always had in mind that when I wanted a change, I'd like to donate my hair. Mum & I contacted a few organisations and we had a reply back from Hair with Heart the same day. The email from Variety made my decision easy. I knew my hair would not go to waste. I had an appointment booked for a Saturday after work. My hairdresser hadn't allowed time for a restyle, so I was prepared to wait another 5 weeks for my next cut. When I arrived at my hairdressers, she said let's do this...she had shuffled her appointments around so I could have the chop. I'm so excited to be able to donate my hair...sounds odd but something that maybe I took for granted will hopefully be a blessing to another child. Honestly, if you're ever considering donating your hair, Hair with Heart make it so easy!
  • Matilda, WA
    My name is Matilda. I have areata alopecia and am now currently 15 years old. I first started noticing hair loss about 9/10 years old and by 11 I had completely shaved my head. Ever since, I have been growing it back. Although I still have large patches, I can hide them with the hair I still have. I decided after having very long hair for over a year I wanted to get the chop and donate to other kids so they can have a change of a real hair wig also. I was part of an alopecia documentary about Sustainable Salon and received a real hair wig made just for me, and I wanted to give back. I hope my hair can help. Thank you
  • Janine, QLD
    I learnt that many kids get sick and can lose all their hair from alopecia, cancer and other sickness. I didn't like the idea of them having no hair and people laughing or being mean to them because they have no hair. My hair has grown really long and I thought it would be a nice way to help them by donating my hair.
  • Santoshi, VIC
    I want to donate my hair to kids who actually need it. I lost my grandma because of cancer and had seen that pain so I decided to donate my hair. I haven’t chopped or dyed my hair for years just to donate and to see smiles on little beautiful faces.
  • Mia, VIC
    I been growing my hair since my grandma got really sick and lost her hair. I want to try my best to contribute to kids who are sick and have lost their hair, and raise awareness in my community.
  • Kezang, WA
    It has been my dream for a long time to donate my hair. Before I had the idea of hair donation, I used to cut my hair whenever I felt like it. After I came to know about such a charity program, I started growing my hair long enough to donate. I am happy I did it. I am hoping to donate it again in future 🙂
  • Tyrell, QLD
    I am a 24 year old male and have had long hair for 6 years. It was time for a change and what better way than to help change someone else's life by giving them an opportunity to have hair of their own!
  • Sithuki, TAS
    Happiness is doubled when shared can see it in her smile after chopping. My daughter herself requested to donate her hair to kids who need wigs
  • Kim, VIC
    For my Mum, she passed away on 27/03/2021 with lunch cancer.
  • Gabby, WA
    My Mum works at the children’s hospital and she tells me stories about kids who are sick and have no hair. I wanted to give my hair to them.
  • Saveeni Mathishka, VIC
    Helping out the people who need the most. 😊 I don’t like to throw away my hair when someone needs it ❤️ So I’m happy to help whenever I can and making someone smile makes me happier too. 🙂❤️
  • Carrelos, QLD
    My daughter Addison inspired me to do the chop with her as she also donated her hair to this amazing charity. The fact that she decided not only that she wanted a change but to help others was such a proud moment as a parent, I couldn’t help but offer her my support and get the chop done as well.
  • Manjyoti, NSW
    As a woman, hair is considered an essential part of beauty. I always have a soft spot for people who have problems with their hair. As my hair is black and shiny, I have always wanted to donate my hair to people in need.
  • Phuong, NSW
    I am extremely grateful and have grown to appreciate my hair, but there are children who are not able to grow or have lost their hair due to medical conditions and other circumstances. For this reason, I would like a child to have this gift. Dress up, smile and be that beautiful person they are
  • Sarah, QLD
    My 11yo daughter Sarah has been growing her hair to donate to children in need for over a year. She waited patiently until it was long enough and was beaming with pride while she had it cut. She‘s so proud to have the opportunity to help someone else in their time of need and wants to send a big hug with her hair! 🥰🥰🥰
  • Lorena, QLD
    Helping out the people who need the most. I don’t like to throw away my hair when someone needs it so I’m happy to help whenever I can 🙂
  • Hope, VIC
    When I was in Grade 1, I wanted to be a children's doctor but I soon realised that I didn't like the site of blood, so my dream of being a doctor stopped there. My mum and I were talking about how lucky we are that we are not sick or dying and that's when I decided that I can't help them get better but I can help them another way. For 4.5 years, I have been growing my hair, only having trims to get rid of damaged hair, until January this year. This has been an exciting journey and I am happy to have donated my hair to make a child happy. Hope 🙂
  • Kumbu, ACT
    Compassion always overrides me when I see medical patients losing everything. I wish I could share their pains and it always makes me think I have to do something for them. I have long and healthy hair, and when I wanted to cut my hair my friend had the idea of hair donation. From that very moment, I came to know the happiness of giving your hair to a needy person. It’s my first time donating my hair and I commit to do it again in the future as I believe small gesture of kindness means a lot to people who have lost their hair from a medical condition.
  • Pragnya, NSW
    My mum showed me my school's FB post of Emmalise who was in yr6 and donated her hair to help those who are struggling with hair loss due to medical conditions, and how this can make a positive impact in someone's life. We were inspired. My parents told me I could also donate my hair instead of throwing it away. So I grew my hair for one more year until it reached the required length for donation. Now my hair is long enough to chop and donate. I'm thankful for this opportunity and can't wait to donate again. Pragnya 7 yrs old.
  • Minaya, QLD
    Helping someone makes me happy