Hair With Heart Stories

We love hearing your stories and seeing photos of your big chop! Share yours here.

  • Chantelle, WA
    So that children who don't have the chance to grow their own hair out, can enjoy having a wig made from the hair I grew out for 4 years.
  • Tara, TAS
    Because my grandmother passed away from cancer and I wanted to help kids who are sick and have lost their hair.
  • Cheyenne, SA
    I am 15 and always had long hair, never had it coloured or done anything to it other than trim it, it was time for a change 😊
  • Laura, VIC
    A family member had breast cancer, lost all her hair and had to wear a wig at the age of 30. So I decided to do a big chop so that a sick kid could have a wig and hopefully feel better and get better.
  • Myla, NSW
    I just wanted to help people feel comfortable and happy in themselves.
  • Tenzin, VIC
    I always feel we need to give more than take and the simplest thing I could give is my hair. I am glad I have hair that meets the hair donation needs. As a mom and practitioner, I really feel the joy of giving. Thank you for the opportunity! Seeing me - my 9 yrs old son is now growing his hair to donate!
  • Saanvi, VIC
    Hi My name is Saanvi. I am 9 years old. On my birthday I decided to share something which I have. I found out about "Hair with Heart" and thought of donating my hair to someone who dreams of having it. I didn't care how I would look with short hair - my dream was to give to someone in need to help make them feel beautiful and confident. I was very nervous about my hair chop but I feel proud that I have made a positive change in someone's life within my 10 years of life.
  • Emily, NSW
    My hair was so long and there are sick kids that can use it to help them feel better about themselves. So I decided to donate my hair to help them.
  • Anshika, NSW
    I had really long and thick hair. Every time I thought of girls who lose there hair due to some health issues, it bothered me a lot. I love ❤️ my hair. So I decided to share my love 😍 with others to bring a smile to their faces. On my 9th birthday 🎂 I decided to chop my hair for Hair with Heart ❤️ and I did it. Feeling so proud and wonderful.
  • Evie, QLD
    I was thinking about cutting my hair and then I saw another little girl whose brother was sick, had donated her hair to Variety. I decided that I would like to do the same. My mum showed me Variety and I chose them because I liked that they support a lot of different kids. Because everyone recognised my long hair, I decided to raise money too. I’m happy that my hair and the money is going to help others.
  • Saraswati, NSW
    I have had my long hair for more than 3 years. When I thought about a hair cut, I did not want to waste my long hair. I knew a hair donation would make someone happy. So I waited till my birthday to start this very special gift for someone.
  • Sage, NSW
    I have spent the last four years growing my hair so that I could donate it to somebody who needs it more than I do. If my hair can make someone else feel good about themselves, particularly when they are really sick, then that makes me feel good about myself - Sage D (12 yrs)
  • Janaya, VIC
    I’ve been debating if I wanted my hair cut short, when I finally decided yes, I just wanted someone else to love my hair as much as I did. I’ve been to hospital a few times and have seen sick kids do mum helped me with a choice to donate my hair to a sick kid. I hope some one loves my hair as much as I did. I can always try to grow mine again if I want to.
  • Clayton, VIC
    I had been growing my hair for a few years and I knew it was time for it to go. I also knew that a lot of people I know would be behind me if I decided to do it for Chairty. I thought why waste this wonderful mane, so I started to review some charities and found Variety. Having young children myself, I thought this was a great cause to get behind. I was amazed at how much we were able to raise in a month and not only that I was happy to have the hair finally chopped off. Would love to see the end result on the wig they turn the hair in to.
  • Ashrita, NSW
    When I was little I always had short hair, hair up to my ears. My mum always thought that it was the best for school however when I was in Year 2 I decided that I wanted a change. I persuaded my mum to let me grow out my hair and that I could take care of it, so for 5 years I grew out my hair. Years 2-6, I had long hair. Then finally in Year 6, I decided to change, I wanted to cut it. After a couple days of thought about what to do with the extra hair, we disscused it and I finally came up with the idea to give the hair to a charity that supports kids with Cancer. After searching for different Cancer organisations, I discovered Hair With Heart. I had a look at their website and I loved everything, mainly because of how seriously they took it, from how you had to give more than this amount of hair, because most kids like long hair and it doesn't look nice if two different hair styles are mixed together up to making sure that the hair colour was all natural blew me away. So we cut 15inches of my hair and sent it off to Hair With Heart.
  • Zimal, NSW
    True happiness comes only by making others happy ♥️
  • Di, SA
    I lost both my parents to cancer within 5 years and although neither lost their hair I know a lot of people that have. I did think of having my hair shaved but went for the lesser and had it cut to a length that was able to be used. I didn't fundraise with it as I hate being center of attention but thought that the hair will help somebody and I am very pleased that I could do this.
  • Alliyah, WA
    I wanted to help the kids with cancer to have a beautiful wig. And to make them feel better and happy.
  • Mackenzy, NSW
    I wanted to help someone out that really needed my hair an I thought turning 10 was the best time to do it
  • Hailey and Hannah, QLD
    Seeing that a lot of kids are affected by alopecia from illness made us feel really sad. We would want a wig if we were in their situation. We wanted to donate our hair to make wigs for sick kids so that they can feel happy. This is Hailey’s first time and Hannah’s first time donating. This is indeed Hannah’s first ever haircut since she was born.