Hair With Heart Stories

We love hearing your stories and seeing photos of your big chop! Share yours here.

  • Jennifer, VIC
    The secret to happiness is giving. I am one of the lucky ones cause my hair is thick and it grows quickly. A friend of mine from work donated her hair and she inspired me to donate mine. I am giving what I can - it makes me smile knowing that my hair will be made into a wig together with other donors for those who lost hair due to a medical condition.
  • Rama, QLD
    If my little effort can bring happiness in someone’s life than there is nothing more.
  • Tayla, QLD
    I never really felt the need to cut my hair. This feeling lasted 10 years - from year 8, until I graduated uni! I then discovered that 83cm of that hair could make someone else's life much better. Six ponytails of 60cm plaits (83cm of natural hair) later, I am rocking shoulder-length hair for the first time in 10 years and I love it!
  • Isabella, NSW
    Isabella is 12 years old and has previously donated her hair when she was 6 years old. She has been growing her hair for a couple of years so she can donate it. It is a great privilege to be able to heto be able to help others this way. She is loving her new hair style.
  • Lucy, NSW
    One of my best friends started to lose her hair at the age of 9years old. If it continues to fall out she may need a wig. I decided to grow my hair long enough to donate to a charity that can help people like her.
  • Anusha, QLD
    Everyone loves hair. I have always had long hair which I cut once in every two years. Every time I go to a hair saloon, I cut my hair short and the rest goes into the bin. I grow my hair with lots of love and my hair gives strength and confidence. There are people who need the same strength and confidence too. And I can only share the strength and confidence through sharing my hair. I am happy to donate every time I cut my hair hereafter.
  • Joel, WA
    Joel is a 13 year old boy who recently donated his hair. He started growing his hair about 4 years ago and whenever he was asked if he was going to cut his hair, he always said, “no, I’m growing it to donate it”. It just evolved from there. There was no specific reason, he just wanted to help kids with medical conditions that resulted in hair loss. It was almost a personal mission!
  • Amelia, ACT
    I just wanted to share a gift that I was given with someone who needs it more than me!
  • Yasmin, NSW
    The smile on somebody else's face 🙂
  • Summer, SA
    Mum told me about little kids like my sister and I, who could be sick and lose their hair. I really loved the idea of bringing some happiness to their life with sharing my hair.
  • Dale, WA
    I grew my hair to donate to someone that needed it. To know I can help someone else is the best thing. I hope whoever receives my hair knows how much love it shares with them from me.
    I have people close to me that had to use wigs in the past. This meant the world to them and made their life so much nicer and gave them confidence. I would love to contribute to this amazing and novel cause.
  • Charlotte, SA
    I wanted to help someone out who needed it more than me.
  • Janani, NT
    ❤️I love seeing smiling kids❤️
  • Tiara, VIC
    Hi my name is Tiara I am 8 years old. The reason why I wanted to donate my hair is I couldn't imagine what it would be like for someone who didn't have any hair. I don't want to be selfish and want to help people in need.
  • Ella, VIC
    I watched a show called Ice Stars and there was a girl around my age who was donating her hair to Variety. It also showed how they made the wigs and I thought it would be interesting and kind if i could do the same.
  • Adam, WA
    I wanted a hair cut after three years of growing it and was adamant it had to go however I wanted to make the haircut meaningful and an opportunity to help others. My partner is a psychologist so am acutely aware that lots of people face difficulties so we try to be socially conscious and live a life with kindness and a generous spirit to help others. I am now thoroughly enjoying having short hair again!!
  • Estelle, ACT
    I wanted someone who couldn't grow their own hair to feel as beautiful as I did with my long hair. I also wanted to raise as much money as I could to help those families who need some help to buy their children wigs.
  • Amanda, NT
    I wanted to be able to give something back to the community. I suffer from chronic illness and my hair is one thing I've luckily had unaffected. I can only imagine the financial burden on parents to give their children some confidence and normality in this tough world. It was the least I could do! I have never dyed my hair or started to get grays, I realised in my friend circle I was the only one who could donate!.
  • Daisy Belle, NSW
    My decision was made after hearing that my hair could help put a smile on a child who is being so brave everyday while going through a difficult illness 💗