Hair With Heart Stories

We love hearing your stories and seeing photos of your big chop! Share yours here.

  • Noppamat, NSW
    I would like to donate my hair for the people. It can make me happy.
  • Ethan, WA
    Ethan is my 10 year old son who came home from school about 4 years ago and said he wanted to grow his hair for sick kids to make a wig for. He had been growing his hair since he was 2 and this year he made the decision to get it chopped.
  • Hannah, QLD
    Hannah is a 10 year old little girl with a big heart. She loves to make a difference in people's lives.
  • Noppamat, NSW
    This was the second time to donate my hair and it makes feel so happy being able to help kids in this way. Such a small act for me but it makes my heart full.
  • Kim, NSW
    Love is in the hair❤✂️ My Sister Alexis and myself😍🥰
  • Jenny, SA
    I have had my hair for over 4 years, and it had got quite long so I was ready to have it cut short. I didn’t want to just waste it because it is in very good condition and I thought it might benefit someone in need. Plus, my neighbours have a little daughter who was diagnosed with childhood cancer at the age of one. She went through a kidney removal operation, chemotherapy and many other gruelling procedures to finally beat the disease. She now has to undergo scans and tests every 6 months to make sure she’s still on top of it. I observed what she and her family went through and thought I would like to help another such family who is going through the same nightmare. I am a pensioner without much money to give, so I researched where I could donate my hair for charity and was directed to Variety Hair With Heart. I then went ahead with my quest to donate my hair and raise money to help this cause, and, despite a couple of health hiccups with the dates, it finally went ahead on May 7th 2022. I am proud of my achievements, and so grateful to my friends and any who have supported me and my cause. Many of these have donated online, but many more have given cash for me to donate. When I get to the bank today to donate this final cash amount, I will have fulfilled my goal to raise $1000 for this wonderful charity. 💇🏻‍♀️❤️
  • Visnja, QLD
    I was watching a documentary where kids who lost hair due to chemotherapy were given wigs. They were so happy and I decided to grow my hair and donate.
  • Sahara, VIC
    Sahara has a congenital condition that requires her to take medication 3 times a day- a side effect of this medication is excessive hair growth. Sahara continues to be an outpatient at RCH and while there one day she noticed a little girl with no hair and asked me why that girl has no hair. I explained to her that some kids have conditions or take medications that have the opposite effect to her medications and cause these kids to lose their hair. So, Sahara asked me to help her share her hair with other kids that might want it. On Sahara’s 6th birthday at her primary school assembly, Sahara had 40cm of hair cut off to go toward making wigs for those in need and along the way raised over $4,000 for Variety.
  • Eliza, VIC
    Helping others in need! Mum did it once so I grew my hair long and did the same!
  • Tommy, WA
    To help kids who need wigs, to help them feel better.
  • Seth, VIC
    I love my long hair but I have always wanted to donate it when I was ready to cut it. It makes me feel happy to know I'm helping others in need & hopefully putting a smile on their faces. I think this is a kind & wonderful cause and I'm proud to be a part of it with my hair donation. 💚
  • Felix, NSW
    Although I loved my hair, I felt it was time to make a change in my life and I wanted to give my hair to someone that it may mean more to than me. It has been a comfort of mine during some of the best times and hardest times. This hair has been growing with minor maintenance since 2016 and has been a part of my identity for so long, but now it’s time for me to take a new direction and for my hair to have a new purpose.
  • Sarah, SA
    Hi my name is Sarah and I’m 7 years old. My mum has been telling me all about her childhood stories that how my grand pa and grand ma took them to cancer hospital and villages to feed and help the sick and poor people. And she told me how happy she felt helping another person as a kid. She also said my grandparents did it every month together with 3 of their kids which is my mum, my Aunty and my uncle. They talk about their childhood and how much my grandparents involved them in helping people. So I decided to continue what my great grandparents passed on to our families.
  • Mili, VIC
    In our family, we have always discussed the usefulness of long hair to someone who had lost their hair due to some medical condition. I feel blessed to have thick and long hair so I decided to grow my hair on my 9th birthday and donate when long enough so that will be made into a wig and bring a smile and confidence to a child’s face.
  • Tara, SA
    I’ve always been keen on helping others. I thought donating my hair would help kids/people with medical conditions where they couldn’t grow hair. I’ve seen a few kids and family go through stuff like this! I just wanted to help in anyway. I definitely will be donating again! Thanks Variety!
  • Broden, NSW
    It was amazing to have my hair at the right length to donate for the first time in my life. My work was incredibly supportive and drove a lot of the donations. It was an incredibly fun time and so glad to help.
  • Abhinaw, NSW
    My grandmother, who I adored, passed away after a long fight with cancer. When she took her final breath, I was not present. With a heavy heart, I chose to let my hair grow long in order to donate it to cancer sufferers who are losing their hair.
  • Isabella, NSW
    I saw kids with no hair at the Sydney Zoo and asked my mum about it and she explained it all to me and I decided to donate my hair.
  • Cinddy Magaly, NSW
    Cancer is a physical, mental and emotional rollercoaster. One of my hardest part of my treatment for Lymphoma was losing my hair, when you are sick and at your lowest point, losing your hair means you lose a little bit more of "you". Luckily I had access to Variety the children's Charity which gave me confidence to be me. Chopping my hair, and it be donate to hair with heart to help children with cancer. In doing so , I hope to be able to provide sick kids with comfort in their difficult times and empower them along their journey.
  • Adele, WA
    I am the mother of three young boys, one of which I am still breastfeeding, so can not give blood, but I wanted to do something to help others. I was due a bi-annual hair cut and was going to cut about 20cm off. My cousin's daughter and a friend had both donated their hair previously, so I looked into it. I thought, what's the difference (to me) if I cut in at shoulder length or or short Bob? The answer for me was simple, why not? My hair will grow back and I'll be helping others. So I spoke to my hairdresser and we did it. I shared my fundraising goal and haircut journey with my family and friends and we raise over $1000. I'm very proud that I could help.