Hair With Heart Stories

We love hearing your stories and seeing photos of your big chop! Share yours here.

  • Sumaiya, NSW
    I had really long hair for a long time. I do kids face painting and I once had a kid whom I thought was a girl because of the long hair but the kid was a boy. His mum told me how he’s keeping his hair long to donate it to kids and it inspired me. So I decided to donate my hair for a kid and spread happiness!
  • Kourtney, NSW
    My mum is a hairdresser and she had said that she worked in a salon once that donated hair and I thought that that was a really nice thing to do so I decided to grow my hair out
  • Elisha, NT
    I knew my hair could make others happy.
  • Jayla, VIC
    I was watching the Good Friday appeal about 4 years ago on the TV and thought about how much I would hate to have no hair and about how others might feel about it. So I decided then and there I would donate my hair. I did it originally when I was in year 6 about 4 years ago and loved the idea soo much that I wanted to do it again this year. I feel good making others feel good.
  • Samantha, VIC
    I felt I needed a change and I thought my hair donation might just change someone else's life. Changing to life's with one hair cut!
  • Selma, QLD
    Hi! I decided to donate my hair because it was really long and I’ve always wanted to do it! I didn’t want my hair to go to waste and since I’ve never dyed it I thought I should put it to good use for someone else who needs it! My dad (who’s now passed away) also was very giving and I wanted to do something in honour of his 3rd death anniversary so I decided to donate some hair!
  • Xavier, NSW
    I am grateful that you are collecting hair to make wigs for children who are unwell. I can grow more but I hope my hair can make someone happy.
  • Reeti, VIC
    To give someone a confidence. Sharing is caring.
  • Ananya, VIC
    My hair has always been a big part of my life and who I am, like many other people's. My hair personally even changes my personality and adds to the way I am as being. I was very attached to it as I had been growing it out for quite some time. I'd often hear remarks such as "omg donate your hair to me" "can you give me some lentgh" as my wonderful friends would compliment my hair. It made me feel more confident about myself. It was something that I loved but also something that I knew I didnt NEED to define who I was. I finished high school last year and decided that now would be the perfect time to chop off my hair. Doing so would mean that my hair that has been with me for so long would now reach its end. Except donating changes that. By donating it, I not only give my hair a new life and a new beginning but I also help someone else feel how they want to feel. Donating my hair would mean that I might just make someone else happy. Giving my hair to someone who cherishes it the way I did when I wanted to grow it out. So I finally made my mind and decided to chop it off on my birthday. It was the prefect present for me, helping someone else and having a new look. I hope whoever has my hair knows that they're beautiful in every way and that this only adds to the way they wanna feel. <3
  • Georgia, QLD
    I have had long hair almost my whole life. As i started to get older, I became more educated on conditions such as alopecia and the fact that kids lose their hair when they undergo treatments for cancer. After having long hair for such a long time, I decided that it was unfair for me to have all this hair when there are kids who don’t have any. That was when i signed up for the big chop, so someone who actually needed my long hair, could use it.
  • Amelie, VIC
    I was inspired to donate my hair to help others. My mum talks about blood, organ, milk and egg donation and I wanted to help in my own way.
  • Natalie, SA
    I wanted to donate it to hopefully help someone feel a little better along their journey.
  • Maya, QLD
    I didn’t want my hair to be just thrown away and thought it would be nice if I could help someone that can’t grow their own hair if I could help.
  • Jasmine, WA
    My dad was a Commercial Pilot who commuted from Perth, WA to China to work. However one day when he went to work sadly he never returned, he had passed away. When finding out the news I was absolutely heartbroken as he was my hero, my inspiration and now he was gone. We later found out that it was due to leukaemia, and from that day on I decided I wanted to grow my hair so I can donate it for those that need it more. It’s now been three years and my hair was finally long enough to donate. I am very grateful for my friends and family members who donated and participated by donating their hair.
  • Maxim, VIC
    To help someone that needs it more than me.
  • Maxine, NSW
    After 3 years of growing my hair I have decided to donate it again for the second time to those who need it more than me. It makes my heart brighten up knowing I am able to help in a small little way. Maxine Garzon...
  • Olivia, VIC
    I wanted to help other children have hair like I do
  • Loti, NSW
    I have been growing my hair my whole life. When I heard how valuable of a gift My hair could be to another kid, I knew I wanted to keep growing it to donate one day. 2020 My 9th birthday was coming up and I wanted that to be the day of my hair cut. $3285 how many days in 9 years was my goal for fundraising. The kindness and support of my family and friends we pulled together over $6000. Totally blew me away, I read every message of support and did a little dance because we knew that money was going direct to help sick kids.
  • Freya, VIC
    Whenever, I saw videos of children with no hair due to medical conditions, I felt sad. Therefore, I perceived that I can share my long hair with other children and bring a smile on their face. Due to Covid restrictions in Victoria, I had to wait a long time for my haircut. However, I hope this makes a good Christmas surprise for someone! 🙂
  • Kelly, WA
    I wanted someone to have my hair that truely needed it.