Hair With Heart Stories

We love hearing your stories and seeing photos of your big chop! Share yours here.

  • Chloe, NSW
    I became aware of Hair Donation 3 years ago (when I was 7 years old) from TV program called 'Operation Ouch' on ABC Me. I found out they can make wigs from hair donations and I really wanted to help so have grown my hair for nearly 3 years. Of course, it was very difficult to maintain my long hair (washing/drying) but I have been very patient. Finally, the day came and I was extremely nervous because I did not know what my friends will say about my short hair but happy and excited because it's summer and I can now help others who needs it more. Hair donation is not that difficult, doesn't cost you anything and it makes someone happy and confident💙
  • Lily, QLD
    Lily saw a youtube video of a little girl getting a wig when she had lost her hair. The young girl was so happy and excited. It made Lily very happy too and I witnessed a beautiful smile on Lily's face. I told Lily her hair is so beautiful and she could do it too. She instantly said yes and the rest is history! 3 years later and here we are 💞
  • Millie, QLD
    I was inspired to donate my hair when thinking about those close to me that we’re affected in some way by a disease they had no control over and after realised just how fortunate I was to be able to grow my hair and live the life I do, so I wanted to help in whatever way I could.
  • Chloe, NSW
    It is my second time, I donated my hair 4 years ago to the day. I feel so good inside knowing that my hair donation will put a smile on someone’s face.
  • Libby, NSW
    Libby is an extremely caring, loving beautiful human who decided to continue to grow her beautiful long curly blonde hair for two years to donate to someone who for some reason doesn’t have hair of their own.
  • Jazmin, SA
    I wanted to help someone and make them feel happy.
  • Courtney, QLD
    I am an Event Coordinator for Variety QLD and we get regular updates about Hair with Heart. I saw heaps of stories of kids donating their hair to help others which inspired me to do it too. I've had long hair for over 4 years and it's something so simple that I thought I could do to help someone who lost their hair due to a medical condition.
  • Navreet, NSW
    I am Navreet, 9 years old. My parents encourage me to donate my chopped long hair. I took a little step of generosity which will be benefited for the needy people.
  • Miley, NSW
    My hair grows quiet quickly and people are always complementing me on how beautiful and long my hair is, so I decided to give somebody a chance to wear my long hair...
  • Abigail, VIC
    I wanted to do something that would make someone happy, make a difference and help someone else. I watched other people donating their hair and thought I could make a difference too.
  • Carolina, QLD
    I have always thought to donate my hair but I had no idea how to do it. As a mother of a baby girl who is 17 months old this week, when searching your website I saw some of the inspiring stories that many families had gone through I had no doubt that I could give more to those in need. So, as my birthday was getting closer (it was on sat 30/01) I decided to have my big chop on my birthday and I ended up creating a fundraising so my friends could gift me by donating to you.
  • Ranjot, NSW
    I donated my hair two years before is well, and this is because I like to help those in need. Also because I’ve seen people who need more things than I do. It makes me feel happy inside that i can help someone that really needs my hair.
  • Grace, VIC
    After 14 years of growing her hair, this is her first big cut. She is such a caring, beautiful girl and wants to help someone by donating her hair.
  • Alannah, VIC
    I always loved my hair and because it is so slow to grow, I cherished every centimetre of growth. After so many people telling me I need to chop it, I decided to not just let it go to waste. By donating my hair, I know someone will become more confident and hopefully, will always wear a smile. This is the first donation and it certainly won’t be the last.
  • Taylor, VIC
    I wanted someone to have some of my hair, as I understand my hair will grow back, but theirs will maybe never grow back.
  • Eva, NSW
    9 year old Eva has always had beautiful, very long thick hair. When Eva was 7 years old, she developed a condition called Trichotillomania (compulsive hair pulling). Eva pulled her eyelashes out to the point that she had none left at all, and made her eyes very sore and red. People with “Trich” pull from all over their body... some from arms, some from brows, some from head. Eventually, Eva got control over her pulling, by using several different Fidget Toys, to keep her hands busy. Meanwhile, Eva really didn’t love her long hair... and eventually convinced her Dad to let her cut it all off. Having gone through her Trichotillomania journey, Eva wanted to help others who suffer through the embarrassment of hair loss. So she wanted to help by donating her beautiful hair to others. She loves her new look, and loves that she’s been able to help others too.
  • Porsha, QLD
    I have always had long hair like rapunzel. I was getting ready to start high school and wanted a change and thought maybe a hair cut would be fun and different. I did some research and found Variety and I just loved that I could donate my long hair to bring joy to someone’s life who is going through a difficult time.
  • Lucy, NSW
    I have always had very long hair, and often taken it for granted. As I became a teen I realised how I could easily share my hair and make a difference to other people. It’s very easy for people to take what they have for granted, but when we share what we can, we can help others and make a positive difference.
  • Elizabeth, NSW
    When I decided I wanted to donate my hair I was 17, I'm currently 18 now and I have never been so proud of myself and my friends and family for getting behind such a beautiful charity. From a young age, I had always been drawn to helping people. However, It was only last year in 2020 that I pulled the trigger on some bigger acts. Last year was a tough year for everyone, and especially children with medical conditions that were placed in and out of hospitals during such a tough time. I decided to complete one of my many goals in life, by starting my hair journey all the way back in February of 2020. I decided that December 2020 was when my big chop would happen. I got all my friends and family in on my decision to donate and raised $600 for Variety as well as cutting 45cm of my hair. Children like Madi, Amalia and Harry, inspired me to donate and raise money for Variety and because of them, I hope that my donations can make a difference for a child's life. 🙂
  • Kevin, NSW
    I figured if I just grow my hair to help someone who can’t grow hair or feels unhappy because of a condition or a disease that they cannot control, maybe just giving them my hair will help them feel like they have a little control, an bring a smile to their face also!