Hair With Heart Stories

We love hearing your stories and seeing photos of your big chop! Share yours here.

  • Novena, NSW
    I want to share my hair with children who need a wig.
  • Tara, VIC
    After having long hair for as long as I can remember I thought it was time for a change and what better way to do so than donate it, because I have the privilege of growing my hair and I realised how much wigs can cost I knew it was the right thing to do and I’m so incredibly happy with my decision
  • Barb, VIC
    My heart breaks for kids who haven’t had a chance to live their precious lives fully. I have many medical issues and know how alone it feels when you’re struggling. So this month I have set to helping kids. First I have done the 100km walk for Camp Quality to raise money, then I thought that it’s the perfect time to cut 3 years of growth off to give others a chance to cover their head.
  • Tiana, SA
    To help people - Tiana. When my daughter Tiana wanted to cut her hair short I thought it would be a great opportunity to do something that would make a small difference in someone else's life. Tiana and I talked about it and discussed how some kids get sick etc and she wanted to help.
  • Matilda, WA
    I was inspired to raise money & donate my hair to help kids that need it more than me. I loved the whole experience & couldn’t believe how generous everyone was in donating. I hope I have changed someone’s life for the better. Xx
  • Katie, SA
    Wanted to help 😊
  • Christopher, WA
    I knew people with cancer that had to shave their hair so that's why I decided to donate mine
  • Prisha, QLD
    This story is written by me on behalf of my mother. My Mum also let me know that if I donate hair, the kids will be very happy when they will make wig from my hair and wear them. I am very happy and will donate again when my hair grow back.
  • Angela, QLD
    I have grown my hair for 10 years to cut when my mum shaved for cancer research again. I decided to donate 50 cm of my hair whilst raising funds to make the wig. Everybody loves blonde hair right?
  • Amy, WA
    Was a fun day. So many people behind me to do the big chop growing it for over 8 years
  • Stella, NSW
    Last year when I was 5 years old on the way to school I saw a high school girl that had no hair. I was told she may of had a medical condition that made all her hair fall out. This made me sad and this is what made me do the Big Chop Today.
  • Candice, NSW
    I enjoy helping and making a difference in the community and especially for children.
  • Taylor, WA
    Once I thought about growing my hair I always had the thought of doing a fundraiser and donating the hair to someone who needs it a lot more than I do. And I can always grow it back if I want where some little champion who doesn’t have that choice can’t. So damn happy to be able to donate my hair to the Variety Children’s Charity.
  • Sarah, QLD
    I am in awe of the confidence of many young women who have the strength and courage to overcome battles they’ve experienced through losing their hair - as a high school teacher I’ve seen this first hand. I decided to do the full shave to show people that hair doesn’t define your identity and anyone can be confident in society without their ‘security blanket’, which, for me was my hair. I cut 67cm and shaved to a number 4 (which is my lucky number) in hope that a young woman is able to have the choice to have long, thick, curly hair one day.
  • Desmond, VIC
    I have had family members that have had cancer and was able to get treatment for it. I am 12years old and going into high school next year so I decided to go with another look and I'll be growing my hair again and gladly donate it again.
  • Jeddah, QLD
    To help those in need, especially for kids
  • Alayna, ACT
    Ever since I watched my God Mother shave her hair and donate to charity, I wanted to do the same.  I have grown my hair for years, and looked after it very well. I hope that someone who is unable to grow their own hair, might enjoy mine. 
  • Erik, NSW
    Just to make some one happy
  • Rodela, VIC
    I saw other people donating their hair in the internet. I thought I can donate my hair as well so that other people can experience having hair too and the people with no hair can be happy.
  • Kirsty, QLD
    I have always had long natural blonde wavy hair and always receive comments on it so when I decided for the second time ever in my life I was going to chop it short, a friend mentioned that rather then it all go to waste to donate it to someone who could love it and need it so I made sure I chopped it to what was needed, even though my hair is now a little shorter than what I thought but hopefully its worth it to make someone else happy.