Hair With Heart Stories

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  • Ruby, NSW
    I wanted to donate my hair because I wanted to help other people feel happy about themselves
  • Cecily, NSW
    Growing up in an Asian household, I was subject to many bowl cuts and it was no surprise that once I grew older, I vowed to never cut my hair short again. However, as my locks grew, it became long and took so long to manage. A few months ago, I came across a documentary on wigs and how people in poverty were giving up their hair, which meant so much to them as it was part of their culture, just to get some money to raise their family. It made me wonder, I have all this long hair and at times, I get so sick of it, why not give it away so someone who needs it more than me can use it? If people whose hair holds so much value to them are giving it away for a few dollars just to live a better life, what makes me be so selfish and keep my long hair because I am too scared to chop it. After reassuring myself "It's just hair" I finally decided to chop it after one last braid in a Saturday netball game. It felt so relieving to know that my hair would be useful to a child or teenager like me and I hope that it makes them more confident about their beautiful little selves. Doing this was an extremely enriching experience and I will definitely be doing it again once my hair grows long again.
  • Adelynn, SA
    My 6 year old daughter Adelynn wanted her hair cut really short, she approached me asking if she could donate it. I said absolutely! We are so very proud of her! She had 18 Inches cut and she is so happy and proud of herself. As she should be!
  • Shenaya, ACT
    Because there are children and adults in the world who are in need of wigs due to the temporary or permanent loss of hair from chemotherapy, radiation therapy, Alopecia, Trichotillomania, burns and other medical issues. And of course, because it makes me feel good inside knowing I have helped someone in need.
  • Liana, NSW
    To help kids in need
  • Kiara, WA
    My son decided he wanted to donate his hair to kids in need and i was so proud of his decision that i said i would join in to. We are both red heads and thought it would be a lovely gift. We also love the work Variety does with Aussie kids and love watching the car cruises. We are hoping to reach our donation mark in the next 2 months before the big chop.
  • Jazzmina, QLD
    When my friend’s did it I thought I could help people too!!
  • Alexis, NSW
    I love helping people and when I found out I could donate my hair, I grew it long so I could cut it very short and donate my hair to make a wig for someone who has lost their hair.
  • Shuweta, WA
    I have seen on the television and have read about people who have lost their hair due to some diseases. The thing that most inspired me to donate my hair was to help others. I remember when I was little, my hair meant everything to me! Even after growing up, my hair was always an important part of my life. I would always be complimented on how long, so it got me thinking about how big it would be for children to not have any hair. This is what started my journey of donating my hair. I read an article about donating hair and saw a video of the excitement the kids shared when they received their wigs and what difference my donation could make. It was a tough decision but I believe that we all are born with the ability to change someone's life, and I hope my hair makes a difference to someone else.
  • Emma, WA
    Watching the movie Little Women where Jo sells her hair made me wonder whether I could help someone by donating my hair, so I started growing it long. I have always had compliments on my hair colour so I hope someone else can now enjoy it. 😊
  • Lauren, WA
    It was long enough and it fit the criteria for donation. But most importantly - I didn't need it and someone else does. It is my second donation and my way of contributing something to those in need. I have 2 young daughters and when I think about them potentially being in the situation these kids are in with having no hair, I know I would be extremely appreciative and grateful for those who donate their hair and for those who are providing these kids with wigs. So this is me helping to play my part because I can, and hopefully I'm teaching my kids lessons about giving to others & donating what you can along the way.
  • Grace, QLD
    I have always been troubled by the fact that once someone is diagnosed, there is little I can do to help with the pain that they experience, and this was my small attempt at trying to make one child’s experience with a medical condition slightly more manageable. I have also seen firsthand the difference and relief that a wig can make during someone’s journey and I knew this was only a small sacrifice that would mean so much more to a kid going through a challenging time. From research, I was able to find ‘Hair with Heart’ which specifically raised money and supported children with medical conditions and knew that this was the charity that I wanted to donate through.
  • Hazel, NSW
    When I was 8 Years Old (April 2017) I made my first hair donation and fundraised around $1200. It was such a great feeling to know that I could help someone in need by doing something so simple. I really love helping others. As soon as my hair was long enough again, I knew that I wanted to raise as much money as I could and donate my hair. On Friday 31st of July 2020 I chopped off 40cm of hair to donate and raised $2715!! I can’t wait to see how much I can raise next time I make the chop!! Hazel Symonds 11 Years old Gol Gol, NSW
  • Tia, QLD
    The thing that most inspired me to shave my head and donate it, would be to help others. I remember when I was little, my hair meant everything to me! Whether it was neat, or messy, it was my most prised possession. Even after growing up, my hair was always a big part of my life. I would always be complimented on how long and thick it was, so it got me thinking about how big it would be for children to not have any hair. This is what started my journey of donating my hair.
  • Rhiannon, QLD
    I was already thinking of cutting my hair and I thought if I could donate my hair to someone in need because it’s such a waste of hair to just throw it away after it’s cut. And I see so many kids in need. I told my friends about it and they loved the idea so I set a goal of $500 and I made over $1000!! So I hope the hair that I donate and the money that was donated goes to kids in need. 🙂
  • cynthia, QLD
    My goal was to keep my hair long and healthy to donate to those in need and today i'm done, I'm happy to help others
  • Siria, NSW
    First of all kids are my favourite humans, there’s no day you don’t feel joy when you are around them, they bring happiness in the most simple way you can ever imagine. Thankfully I have been blessed with my dad genes haha, my hair grows really fast and it’s a lot; I believe this is a way I can give back to them, it’s small but it is bring a smile to someone
  • Matthew, WA
    I was ready for a hair-cut and Mum encouraged me to donate it to you guys! Best wishes, Loretta (Mum) and Matt
  • Jacintha, QLD
    I was turning 40 in a couple of months (Mar 2020) and I wanted to do something different and something worthwhile to remember this milestone. That's when I remembered a colleague talking about her sister about many months ago who once donated her hair. She thought of that incident when she saw my long hair. So I did some more research, saw videos of the excitement the kids shared when they received their wigs and what difference my donation could make. It was a tough decision to make as I don't remember the last time I had it short. But I had decided to make a difference and what better way to have a new look at the same time 😊. That's how it all began. My drive to the hairdresser was the hardest and longest drive ever. I was in tears all the way and while the chop was happening. I can't thank my husband enough for all the encouragement and my colleagues, friends and family who supported by donating to the fundraiser. Thanks everyone 😊
  • Chiara, NSW
    My parents have always wanted me to cut my hair and then considered looking into donating my hair, since I did not want my 'beautiful', as everyone says, hair to go to waste, hence my decision to donate it.