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Get Involved

Get Involved

Become a Regular Giver

There is no better way to help give ongoing support to Variety which will ensure we can continue to deliver our vital assistance to children in need across Australia.

  • $15 per month

The gift of COMMUNICATION by providing an autistic child with an iPad & specialised software to help them talk and learn.

  •  $25 per month

The gift of CONFIDENCE by providing a child living with alopecia areata (disease associated with hair loss) with a human hair suction wig.

  •  $35 per month

The gift of INDEPENDENCE by helping to provide a Stander to a wheelchair bound child, helping them to strenghten their muslcles and interact with family and friends at eye level.

IN your workplace

We have many opportunities for corporates to be involved with Variety. Why not ask us more about how we could engage staff at your workplace

  • Workplace Giving - Workplace Giving is a simple yet powerful way for employees to assist Variety to deliver essential equipment and services to Australian children in need, through dollars received via regular payroll deductions. Once established, Workplace Giving provides both Variety and the business with a low cost and low maintenance way to support the community.
  • Tailored Volunteer Days - Variety can arrange tailored/exclusive excursions for corporate teams with some of Variety’s disadvantaged and special needs children. These excursions could be to the zoo, ice-skating, the movies, bowling…it’s your choice and the limits just depend on your budget. This is a wonderful opportunity staff teams to experience Variety’s work within the community, connect with these children and give them a day to remember.
  • Fundraising - Fundraising for Variety can be a fun and rewarding experience with a range of support levels from which to choose. Whether it be simply making a once-off donation, to taking up the challenge to participate in one of Variety’s famous motoring events or treks, your support is needed and valued.
  • Sponsorshp - Sponsoring Variety can work in many different ways and will bring a positive image to your company by addressing specific objectives. It can help reach a target audience, increase brand awareness, motivate staff or show commitment to the local community. Sponsorship opportunities range from high profile events and corporate functions through to advertising campaigns and fundraising materials.


Volunteer your time and expertise to help Variety at an array of events, at your local office, with administrative work plus more.  

Host a donation box

Do you work for or own a business that could display a small Variety donation box near your cash register or reception desk? Let us know as we would be happy to send you one


Follow Variety Australia on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date on all things Variety.

To find out more on ways to get involved contact your local state office.

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Latest Donations

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