Erin's Story

Variety’s help brings confidence to young girl from Smithfield

Variety – the Children’s Charity NSW has helped 10 year old Erin of Smithfield reclaim her confidence and self-esteem, by providing a specialised wig for the young girl, who lives with alopecia.


Erin was completely shattered, we both were. She couldn’t understand why her previously light brown shoulder length hair was suddenly falling out. I was heartbroken as she became very self-conscious, wearing a bandana to hide her thinning hair and fearful of other kids teasing her and noticing she was different,” said Maria.

Just before her sixth birthday, Maria and Erin turned to Variety, who provided the young girl with a specialised wig.

Variety’s Princess Charlotte Alopecia Program aims to instil a sense of confidence, independence and self-esteem for kids with alopecia through the provision of specialised wigs. This allows children with the condition to take part in all the activities they enjoy and feel confident around their peers again – a priceless gift!

At the average cost of $3,500, a specialised human hair wig is cost prohibitive for many families – this is where Variety steps in to help.

She just wanted to feel ‘normal’ again and the wig from Variety certainly made all the difference. Her confidence sky-rocketed,” said Maria.

Erin was able to indulge in activities typical of girls her age with no apprehension, including swimming and playing on the school’s playground equipment. “She loved the monkey-bars and dangling down from them, with her feet supporting her. The special suction mechanism of the wig ensured it stayed in place and all the other kids were non-the wiser,” said Maria.

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