Variety Playtime with Renae

Kids’ Activities

Looking for some fun activities for playtime with the kids? Check out these cool ideas from our friend, Renae!

Line Art Leaves

In need of an activity to get the kids off the screens and outside for a bit? Try making some leaf line art!

Playdough Echidnas

Looking for a craft activity for the kids? Try making these cute little playdough echidnas!

Leaf sculptures

Looking for a fun, easy and eco-friendly outdoor activity to do with the kids? Why not make a leaf sculpture? It’s and a nice way to get out and forage for some cool nature finds.

Pantry craft – stick shapes

Looking for an easy activity using things you probably already have in the pantry? Make some stick shapes! It’s a great way to explore all sorts of shapes and structures with the little ones and while away some time on these rainy days we’ve been having.

Style some nature hair

Longing for a trip to the hairdresser? Us too! Hopefully it won’t be long now until we can go and refresh our locks. Until then, why not make some nature hair? It’s ideal weather to get out in the sunshine with the kids and get a little bit crafty.

Make your own spring flower crown

Spring has sprung! Make this beautiful spring flower crown while getting out and enjoying the sunshine.

Make your own tie dye paper

Get a bit crafty this weekend with the kids using things you probably already have in the kitchen cupboard! Making tie dye paper is fun, easy and funky.

Make your own egg carton mushrooms

Put a little magic in the garden this weekend. Check out this fun and eco-friendly way to make some little toadstools for the garden!

Create some colourful leaf rubbings

Grab your crayons, scrap paper and head out on a walk to find some fun leaves to make leaf rubbings!

Make some nature find Olympic Rings

Get in the spirit of the Olympics and make some nature find Olympic Rings! It’s a great way to get some fresh air while also cheering on our athletes

Go on a nature scavenger hunt

Get out and explore your backyard or neighbourhood while experiencing all the beautiful colours of nature! This is an fun and easy way to get out in the fresh air, get crafty and use what you have lying around the house.

Make your own Journey Stick

Get out in nature and enjoying the outdoors, it is good for the soul for big and little kids. Check out this great idea from Renae on making a Journey Stick on your next walk or bushwalk. It’s not only fun, but it teaches kids about nature and can also double as a lovely piece for your home.