Variety State of Play 2021

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Let’s Play!

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? “Kids, it’s time to play,” and off they go. But it’s not that simple for a lot of kids across Australia.

So, we’ve been talking to our kids and families to understand more about how our kids are playing.

The State of Play report will be released in December 2021. To get your copy, sign up below.

Learn about Variety Livvi’s Place

Learn more about Variety Livvi’s Place

A Variety Livvi’s Place is an inclusive playspace for all kids to play together.

Variety Livvi’s Place playspaces lead the way in promoting inclusive play and ensure all kids can play, learn and live together.

Community led in design, we talk to our kids, families and all in the local community to create intergenerational, bespoke playspaces that are owned and loved by all. They become thriving family and community destinations where all are welcome, included and feel they belong.

Our Inclusive Play team works to a unique model based on partnership, bringing together communities, government and corporate Australia to deliver community spaces that change the way our society plays.

Learn about Variety Livvi’s Place