Variety Special Children’s Christmas Party

The Variety Special Children’s Christmas Party is the biggest event of its kind in Queensland for kids with disabilities and their families. We work closely with schools, community groups and government organisations to invite approximately 3,000 kids. These kids face many challenges in life including serious illnesses, physical or intellectual impairment, domestic violence, or living in underprivileged circumstances.

The Goal is simple: To put smiles on these kids’ faces for at least one day this year!

At the Variety Special Children’s Christmas Party, these kids and their families are treated to a day of celebrity stage shows, fun rides including the Variety Liberty Swing, interactive games, plenty of yummy food, face painting and many more fun activities. The highlight of the day is when the kids enter Santa’s Toy Room where they are given 2-3 high quality toys to call their own.

To find out how you can help these amazing events, and to view photos and video footage of previous events please click here: http://www.sccpau.com.au/brisbane.html.

Sea of Smiles gives children who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs the opportunity to experience a ride on a Personal Watercraft, a life experience that may have otherwise been impossible.

During each Yamaha Variety Jet Trek event, we will invite special schools to join us for Variety Sea of Smiles.