What if we told you that you can make a big difference with small change?

You can help keep our beautiful environment litter free and give Aussie kids a fair go, at the same time! Containers for Change awards you with a 10 cent refund for each eligible container returned to a refund point. You can donate the money you raise to help kids who are sick, disadvantaged or living with a disability.

Download our guide on Fundraising with Containers for Change.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Check out the Containers for Change website to see which containers are eligible and where your closest refund point is.
  2. Start collecting eligible containers. Try engaging schools, workplaces and other local organisations.
  3. When returning to a refund point, enter Variety’s Scheme ID: C10591513.

Don’t have room to store containers at your house/business?

Fill in the form below and we can get a wheelie bin delivered to you! We understand it might be a bit tricky to take a wheelie bin to a refund point, so we have organised someone to collect the bin and take it to the refund point for you. It’s easy and convenient, plus you can enjoy a 0.08 cent refund per container!

Your wheelie bin will be delivered here.
Let us know what inspired you and how you plan to make an impact.