June 23, 2023 by Variety QLD Admin

Two gym trainers from Flex Fitness Australia recently took on an extraordinary fitness challenge, pushing their bodies to the limit to raise funds for Variety and help kids in need. They set themselves the goal of conquering the gruelling 100,000 metre mark on the ski erg, an exercise machine that simulates the motion of cross-country skiing.

At any fitness level this is no easy feat. They invested countless hours into training, preparing themselves both physically and mentally for the challenge. It took over eight continuous hours to reach the 100,000 metre milestone. In the final hour the gym doors opened to the public where a crowd of enthusiastic gym members and Variety supporters gathered to cheer them on.

They not only conquered the ski erg but also triumphed in their mission to raise funds for Variety. On the day of the event the gym held a BBQ fundraiser, and in the lead up they ran a raffle prize draw, sold exercise singlets and encouraged their supporters to donate. With $11,381 raised through their extraordinary efforts, they have made a huge contribution to help kids in need.

Do you have a fundraising idea? Whether it’s a fitness challenge, bake sale or even a crazy hair day at work – there are many fun and creative ways you can contribute. Variety is here to support you to reach your full fundraising potential and fun have doing it. Contact us on (07) 3907 9300 to discuss your ideas.

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