December 12, 2023 by Variety QLD Admin

In a heartwarming display of community spirit and generosity, the Variety Children’s Christmas Party brought together 2,500 kids and their families on December 16th at the Brisbane Convention and Entertainment Centre. This marked the 29th anniversary of the Queensland event and is part of a series of 18 parties across Australia and New Zealand, catering to over 35,000 children facing disabilities, complex needs, and social disadvantages.

This special event, designed to spread cheer and create lasting memories, featured a delightful array of activities and surprises. From festive treats that tickled taste buds to an enchanting stage performance featuring Bluey, it was a day full of joy and Christmas magic. Each child was gifted at least two or three high-quality gifts, and the highlight of the day was the chance to meet the biggest star of all – Santa!

For some of the younger children, it was their first ever party and a day they will always remember with a smile.

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