September 26, 2022 by Variety QLD Admin

Variety steps in for families where no government assistance or other support is available. Our work allows the kids who need it the most to gain mobility, freedom, get out and about in the community, achieve independence and increase their self-esteem.

For kids like Mondeo and his family, a Variety grant has been life-changing. Mondeo is currently 17-year-old and lives with very complex medical conditions including progressive cerebellar atrophy, central diabetes insipidus and intellectual disability.

His caring high school support teachers and physiotherapist reached out to Variety with a plea to assist Mondeo with receiving a powered wheelchair before he turns 18 this month. Due to being a New Zealand citizen, he is unfortunately not eligible for NDIS funding. Mondeo needed to rely on his family and teachers to push him around in a manual wheelchair that belonged to his school. A powered wheelchair would allow him to get around independently at his home, school, and in his local community.

Mondeo was overjoyed when his new powered wheelchair from Variety arrived at his home, right before the school holidays! This is the first time he’s felt excited about the school holidays since now he won’t be stuck at home the whole time. Below is a photo of him enjoying his first outing to Coles in his new chair.

Mondeo’s story is just one of many. Variety has helped countless other Queensland kids to gain mobility and independence. Kids like 17-year-old Tomika, who was previously a very active teenager who loved socialising and walking her dog. In March 2021 Tomika started developing symptoms and was subsequently diagnosed with Transverse myelitis, an inflammatory disorder of the spinal cord.

Tomika developed impairments with her overall mobility, motor function, balance, bladder and bowel function, upper limb function and right-hand movement. Even standing up or walking a few steps without assistance became extremely difficult. When sitting she requires postural support for her balance. Due to the loss of function in her right arm and hand, she is unable to propel a manual wheelchair by herself. The NDIS allocated her a manual wheelchair however did not support her need for a powered wheelchair.

Thanks to Variety supporters like you, we were able to give Tomika a grant for a Magic Mobility V6 Power Wheelchair. Tomika now enjoys much greater independence and can get around at school and in her community without relying on assistance. The wheelchair base is capable of crossing challenging terrain, which gives her the opportunity to go camping and continue living her active lifestyle.

Thank you – it’s with your support that we have been able to provide grants like this that significantly improve the quality of life for kids like Mondeo and Tomika.

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