January 3, 2024 by Variety QLD Admin

From Variety Bash to Jackpot: Sam Fyfe Wins Big in 2023 Christmas Lottery Grand Prize

After actively participating in the Variety Heart Lottery for over 4 years, Sam Fyfe was thrilled to learn that she had won the 2023 Christmas Grand Prize of $10,000.

Sam’s ongoing support of Variety extends well beyond just lottery ticket purchases. Her commitment to the cause is showcased through years of participation in fundraising events, including the iconic Variety Bash and exhilarating Variety 4WD Adventure.

In last year’s Bash, Sam participated in car 666, themed ‘Girls of Gotham’. Her partner is also a long-standing Variety supporter, who participated in a separate car with the theme ‘Mad Max’. Opting for separate cars helped challenge them to meet individual fundraising goals and jointly raise the maximum amount possible. They also participated together in the 2023 Variety 4WD Adventure.

Year after year, Sam keeps coming back to Variety events because she sees the impact of her efforts through the smiles and joy on the faces of kids and families. Witnessing the growth and progress of kids she has supported as they transition into young adults is an ongoing motivator for her to continue making a difference.

Sam plans to reinvest the majority of her winnings back into her fundraising for Variety.

To anyone considering a Variety Heart Lottery ticket, Sam would like to say, “You never know your luck, and you could be a winner. Even if you don’t benefit, someone else will.”


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