September 26, 2023 by Variety QLD Admin

13-year-old Mia, who is supported by a Variety Heart Scholarship, has made her mark at the World Dwarf Games in Germany. This prestigious event, occurring only once every four years, provided Mia with a platform to showcase her exceptional sporting abilities.

Mia faces daily challenges from living with achondroplasia (short stature), hearing impairment, and a back brace for kyphosis of her lower back. Due to her conditions, Mia hasn’t been able to play organised team sports on the weekends like her friends. Despite all this, her determination remains unshaken.

Mia undertook rigorous training to seize the opportunity to compete in the World Dwarf Games. Her mother reached out to Variety for help to financially make Mia’s dream a reality. Through the support of a Variety Heart Scholarship, she was able to compete and smashed multiple goals.

At the competition Mia showcased her talents in a wide range of different sports including basketball, soccer, swimming, and athletics. Her dedication paid off as she secured multiple gold and silver medals in a variety of events.

Her journey doesn’t stop here, as she continues to impress and inspire others with her remarkable achievements. Her next sporting goals are to compete in a national school competition to be held in Perth this December and National Athletics in Adelaide next year.

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