March 25, 2024 by Variety QLD Admin

Meet Mia, a remarkable 13-year-old living with achondroplasia, commonly known as short stature or dwarfism. Mia is also hearing impaired and wears hearing aids.

Growing up, Mia faced many difficulties with everyday tasks and wasn’t able to play organised team sports with her friends because of her height difference. However, her amazing parents introduced her to the world of athletics and she has not looked back! Throughout her sporting journey, she has been supported by a Variety Heart Scholarship.

In August 2023, Mia represented Australia in the World Dwarf Games in Germany and achieved amazing results. She won first place and set the games record in two events, and won second place in two other events. She also recently competed at State Athletics and smashed goals, achieving three gold and two silver medals.

Let’s celebrate Mia’s amazing results and the transformative impact of Variety Heart Scholarships. Variety Heart Scholarships are changing the lives of countless kids like Mia and providing their families the opportunity to be a part of an incredible community. Variety Heart Scholarship recipients are not only leaving a mark on the world but on our hearts too!

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