June 26, 2023 by Variety QLD Admin

At Southport Special School, the magic of music is making a difference in the lives of many students who participate in the schools Music Mates Program. In this program students are introduced to a variety of musical instruments, vocal techniques, and exciting performance opportunities, helping them discover their talents and ignite their passion for music. The program creates a supportive environment that encourages each student to flourish and grow.

To participate in the program parents pay a small yearly fee, however unfortunately even this small amount has been out of reach for many disadvantaged families who are struggling financially during the current economic times. Southport Special School recognized the need to provide equal opportunities for all its students regardless of their family circumstances and reached out to Variety for help.

Variety has provided the school with a grant to fund places for 16 students to fully participate in the Music Mates Program. These kids are all from families facing significant financial disadvantage who would otherwise not be able to join in with their peers. These are also the kids who often miss out on other extra activities like school excursions. This grant has provided the kids who often miss out with an equal opportunity to explore their musical aspirations and talents.

Recently, a special event showcased the remarkable progress and dedication of the students involved in the Music Mates Program. As they took the stage, their faces lit up with enthusiasm, ready to sing and showcase their talents on various instruments such as the guitar, keyboard, drums, and percussion. The audience was impressed at the level of talent and skill they demonstrated. 

Beyond the applause and smiles, the impact of the Music Mates Program extends far beyond the stage. It empowers students to learn about self-expression through creativity, develop self-confidence and have fun with like-minded peers. For the kids who were so close to missing out, it has opened up a new world of learning possibilities that were previously out of reach.

Thanks to the help of all our Variety supporters, we have been able to bring the joy of music to even more children, unlocking their potential and shaping a brighter future. Let’s celebrate the incredible talent within each and every student at Southport Special School and ensure that music remains an inclusive and accessible experience for all.

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