April 24, 2023 by Variety QLD Admin

Variety Braille Music Camp is a one of a kind opportunity for kids and adults who are blind or vision impaired. The camp supports their educational music needs by teaching how to read and write braille music along with skills needed to use music computer software programs. This year’s camp was held from 12th to 15th April and was the second year the event has run.

The camp made a positive impact in the lives of kids who participated, helping them to grow as musicians and individuals. It provided a safe and inclusive safe for them to learn and develop not only their musical skills but also their personal life skills. There was a strong focus on improving independence, self-advocacy and orientation and mobility skills.

The camp featured a wide range of activities, including instrumental and vocal classes, music theory workshops, and jam sessions. The campers also had access to adaptive music technology, such as braille music notation software and digital audio workstations, which allowed them to create and perform music in new ways.

On the final day of camp, the participants showcased the musical skills they worked hard to refine during camp by performing at a concert open to the public. The concert was a celebration of their talent, dedication and hard work. The audience was blown away by the amazing performances.

Variety Braille Music Camp aims to break down the obstacles that many people who are blind or vision impaired face when trying to participate in music. People who are blind or vision impaired are often incredibly talented musicians, and many are even pitch perfect. However, kids living without sight often don’t have the same opportunities as their peers to access music education and reach their full potential. Variety Braille Music Camp is helping to change this by giving them better access to the resources, tools, and opportunities they need to succeed.

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