February 21, 2024 by Variety QLD Admin

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that two outstanding Variety fundraisers, Reegan Pellowe and Janvi Makanjee, have advanced to the semi-finals in the prestigious 7NEWS Young Achiever Awards. These young fundraisers were nominated by the Variety team as a thank you for their dedication to the cause. Advancing to this stage is a remarkable achievement!

Reegan has raised significant funds for Variety through Containers for Change. With boundless enthusiasm and a heart full of empathy, Reegan has transformed the seemingly ordinary act of collecting cans into a powerful force for good. Beyond the numbers, Reegan’s philanthropy extends to creating positive change in communities, inspiring others to also fundraise and help kids in need.

The photo below captures a special moment when Gold Coast Rollerblaze Wheelchair Basketball hosted a game day in recognition of Reegan’s fundraising efforts. Reegan’s fundraising enabled them to secure new basketball hoops for their junior team. Janvi attended the event to show her support as a fellow fundraiser.

Reegan and Janvi pictured together at game day

Janvi is a former Miss World Australia participant who has made an incredible impact for kids in need. She raised the second highest funds of all Miss World Australia participants in 2023, with her efforts totaling nearly $37,000.

Combined together the total impact of both Reegan and Janvi’s fundraising efforts reaches over $56,000 – making a huge difference for Aussie kids in need.

Anticipation is building as we await the finals for the 7NEWS Young Achiever Awards to be held on April 19th.

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