July 20, 2023 by Variety QLD Admin

Meet Tanya, a senior school student and proud Aboriginal Australian, who is embarking on a path to fulfill her dream career in the health industry. Thanks to the support of the Variety Learning Centre, Tanya is heading toward a brighter future.

The Variety Learning Centre plays a crucial role in empowering young Indigenous Australian women like Tanya. It is based at the girls campus at NRL Cowboys House where students from remote Indigenous communities live while completing their high school education. The Variety Learning Centre provides an educational haven for these students that opens doors to opportunities and a brighter future that have historically been closed.

For Tanya, the Variety Learning Centre has become a place of growth and guidance. It allows her to work closely with dedicated education and transition teams who help her access hands on experience to start her career in the health industry. Tanya is about to start a traineeship in Allied Health Assistance which will enable her to work 1 day each week and complete a certificate alongside her high school studies. This support has been instrumental in preparing her for a promising future in the rapidly growing healthcare sector.

Tanya’s story is a testament to the extraordinary potential of Indigenous youth within our communities. The Variety Learning Centres paves the way for young Indigenous women like Tanya to achieve economic independence and make a lasting impact on their communities. Through initiatives like this, we can empower more Indigenous youth to reach their full potential.

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