September 26, 2022 by Variety QLD Admin

We dedicated a whole day to appreciating what we’re grateful for, YOU!

Wednesday 21 September marked World Gratitude Day, an occasion celebrated by people from all over the world. The day is all about appreciating and expressing what we’re grateful for. We are grateful for you and your support of Variety. Your contribution to Variety helps make a difference in the lives of kids doing it tough.

We were in full swing the whole day thanking all our supporters via phone calls, SMS, emails and social media. We also used World Gratitude Day as an opportunity to showcase our new office headquarters. We invited some of our supporters to a pizza lunch celebration to meet our team, see the new office and listen to a performance from the Variety Kids Choir. We received a generous donation of 60 pizzas from Domino’s through their Give for Good program to help make this possible. To wrap up the day, in the evening we had a BBQ celebration event with a few more of our supporters. The fire brigade put on a water show as a special treat for some of our Variety kids and supporters.

We are grateful to our partner organisations that have helped us achieve a suitable and safe office space in time to share with our supporters on World Gratitude Day. We received a $1 per year lease from the Moreton Bay Regional Council which allows us to allocate the maximum amount of funds toward our mission of helping Queensland kids reach their full potential. The Moreton Bay Regional Council also gave us a generous grant to refurbish the office carpet which has created a much safer environment for our staff to work in and for when Variety kids visit. In additional to all this, the Moreton Bay Regional Council also recently approved a grant to install solar panels that will help reduce the office’s electricity usage to both save our environment and electricity bill. This means even more funds that we can allocate to creating the most impact possible for Queensland kids in need.

We know you support Variety in a number of different ways from participating in events, fundraising, donating, sponsoring, advocating for our mission and more. The purpose of everything we did on World Gratitude Day was to show our gratitude for you and your support. YOU are the reason we can continue working on our mission to give all Aussie kids a fair go, no matter their ability or circumstance. THANK YOU!

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