Erin Lazarou

Fundraising Events Director

January 2010

Meet Erin, our chief party officer aka Fundraising Events Director. With over 20 years of rocking the events, operations and logistics scene, Erin is the maestro leading our Fundraising Events team to create unforgettable events.

Since her Variety journey began in 2010, Erin has been weaving her magic to make a real difference in the lives of Australian kids who are sick, disadvantaged or living with a disability. When she’s not orchestrating events, she’s a super mum to two young boys. Somehow, she manages to balance the chaos of work and family, all while keeping her cool.

Beyond the office, Erin is a beach enthusiast, loves the fresh air and soaking up the sunshine. And if there’s live music in the air, you’ll find her there chilling with a cool drink or dancing like nobody’s watching. Erin’s passion for people and dedication to making a positive impact are matched only by her ability to find humour in almost every situation.