Lizy Ritchard

Event Coordinator

Brisbane Nov 2013

Lizy joined the Variety family down in Victoria in 2013 as the Events Coordinator, working on the Bash, 4WD and Brats Bash, in addition to helping out with other corporate events. With a varied background in everything from Tour Guiding in Europe, Recruitment, Office Management and Events Management, Lizy brought a unique skill set to the team. Her passion for bringing things into the world of technology has been a driving force in her time at Variety and she has played a major role in the development of our online presence. In 2015 Lizy moved to Brisbane and Variety QLD welcomed her on board. Here she made the jump to Operations Support and then to a different role as Marketing Coordinator. Recently, Lizy rejoined the events team and is excited to be coordinating the Variety 4WD Adventure!

Lizy has a broken social filter and also enjoys a good practical joke. She has a fierce love of beautiful shoes that is not supported by either her budget nor her size 11 trotter.